The Neoteric Way ™

The Neoteric Way ™ is Maitreya’s road map to modern enlightenment and spiritual transformation.
T stands for Truth. Accept that there is no right or wrong, because everyone has their own truth. You may never know the life lessons others have chosen, and therefore your truth may be very different from theirs. Learn to release all judgments of others and their actions. Learn to release all judgments of yourself. You are under no obligation to follow another person’s truth. Remember that life is an illusion, because each person is in their own sphere of awareness. You are ultimately here to be the Master of your own life.

H stands for Healing. Healing energy is inside of you and everyone else. Therefore, you are capable of self-healing. Even through the process of healing others, you are actually healing yourself. There are various healing modalities that can assist you with this healing process. These healing modalities include, Affirmations, Crystals, Astrology, Past Life Healing, Color Therapy, Flower Essences, Hands on Healing, Sound Healing and many more.

E stands for Energy. Energy is in everything that you do, flowing through your body, mind and spirit. Life is about energy; from meditation and sexual relations, to money and food. When you understand how to properly use energy, it becomes a limitless supply for you. This is because you are tapping into the limitless energy known as God, the Ultimate Being, or whatever you call that energy. Learn to let go of the lack-thinking and self-judgment, and instead listen to your body and give it the energy it needs. Learn to understand how you use energy and
how to expand it.

N stands for Now. Everything begins in the Now moment. By living in the now, you are able to stop wasting energy anticipating the future, and instead focus your energy on creating it. When you dwell in the past, you are not in the now moment; however when you are living in the now, you will receive guidance on how to heal the past. The energy of life is always changing, and if you are holding on to teachings of the past, then they no longer apply to the now moment. Each now moment is a time to create; to create your life, your world, your happiness.

E stands for Emotions. All emotion is energy. Use your emotions to reveal to you what you need to let go of in this lifetime. Your emotions are the key to understanding the past life energy and karma that you brought into this life. Your past life experiences are intimately tied into the emotions you store. The Ego/Self uses these emotions to keep you in fear, and prevent you from moving forward. Your purpose here is to transform the emotional body, so that the Self can no longer cloud your perception. You can recognize and release any fear-based emotions with a variety of healing tools designed to work on an emotional level.

O stands for Oneself. Understand yourself; learn about your life lessons and past lives. Astrology is the map to your life, by comprehending your birth chart, you reveal your life lessons and what you have chosen to accomplish in this lifetime. Discover your past lives, so that you can transform the patterns that you brought with you into your current life. Recognize that the Self will attempt to use your subconscious against you, by bringing up childhood memories and past life issues. Life transforms when you stop listening to the fearful voice of the Self, and begin listening to the voice of the Higher Self.

T stands for Trust. Learn to trust yourself; this trust comes when you are able to discern the difference between the voice of the Self and Higher Self. Learn to trust the Universe. The Universe is all-knowing in its design, but when you do not trust the process of life, you cannot give up control. You and the Universe co-create your life, it is time to trust that it is laid out for you to participate in.

E stands for Empathy. Understand the bigger picture of life. Life expands beyond the Earth plane and takes part through many lives and dimensions. When you can recognize that life goes beyond your vision of the world, you can allow others to learn their lessons without your interference. To truly allow someone to go through their own life lessons requires that you are free from your emotions. For, you cannot have true empathy, if you are ruled by your emotional body.

R stands for Relationships. Your relationships are here to teach you about yourself. This teaching is accomplished through the concept of mirrors. Each person in your life is a mirror for your deep emotional scarring. By looking at the Astrology charts of yourself when compared to others in your life, you will be able to discover what you are here to do together and also what you are here to learn from each other. Your relationships are influenced by your life lessons as well as any karmic energy you have had with those same individuals in your past lives. When you can acknowledge and release those past lives, which rule 85% of your current lifetime, then you are able arrive at a knowing where you can see others around you for who they truly are, not just as your version of who you expect them to be.

I stands for Intuition. Life is guided by your intuition. Intuition is the voice of the Higher Self. Learn to listen to the voice of your intuition. Intuition is your guide to everything in life. Intuition will always prompt you to accomplish what is for your best and highest good, and it is your most effective tool for completing your life lessons and releasing any karma. Once you discern how to recognize the voice of your intuition, the next step is to put that intuition into action. Putting your intuition into action requires that you do not concern yourself with right and wrong, you just follow the guidance given.

C stands for Communication. Learn to communicate without fear. Communication is essential to accomplishing any task. Without communicating properly with others around you, you are doomed to fail. By speaking your truth, quietly and clearly, you are able to share your view point in a way that tells your truth, yet without overpowering the other person. The other part of communication is listening. Really listening to others requires that you do not try to change or influence what they say; you simply allow them to speak their mind. Listen without judging another person. You cannot judge them, because you do not know their life lessons. Do not take what others say personally. Their words are not a reflection of you, their words are a reflection of how they feel about themselves.

W stands for Within. Your inner world creates your outer world. You are not responsible for the actions or inactions of others. Use a balanced approach to detach from the choices that others choose to make. Detachment allows you to remember that each person creates their own reality. So, instead of worrying about others, go within and focus on yourself. All of the answers are inside of you. By meditating, you are able to focus on yourself and begin creating your own reality in the Now moment.

A stands for Acceptance.Recognize that all things are perfect, there no accidents. Every experience in your life is here to teach you about yourself. You are a Divine Spirit. You do not need to do anything to earn this, it is your birthright. Once you can accept that about yourself, and others, only then can you embody true compassion. True compassion is the full acceptance of the process of life, and moves you beyond any and all emotions.

Y stands for You. It all ends and begins with you. You are here to learn to be the Master of your own life; you cannot accomplish that without looking at your own energy. Learn to accept yourself first and foremost. Understand your past life energy and your Astrology. Believe in your power to create your own life, and remember that you are the only person who is responsible for you.