General Stuff 3

A thank you to all of you who have written and thanked me for sharing my experiences with the Self and other subjects in this blog. In the beginning Maitreya told me all of my writings had to be simple, and they have been created that way. He also told me that I was to write about my own experiences and not to be afraid to share the good and the not-so-good things in my life. When I met Alan, he had been used to keeping things secret. His Scorpio Moon, Saturn, Venus, and Ascendant created this but, once he connected with me and we were together, I started to talk about things he had held so dear to him. At first he did not like it one bit. I was exposing his deepest issues, things he had never told anyone or discussed before.

I remember the first newsletter I wrote about him and sent a copy to him. I honestly think he thought he had married a crazy person who was hell-bent on exposing him to the world. Maitreya told him he could have no secrets any more and, if he tried to, they would be exposed. He seemed to accept that and now, five years later, we talk all the while about our journey and our experiences on my website ( So many people have been able to identify with our experiences and have written and told us so. I honestly feel at times that I have lived my life for everyone else. Maitreya told me a long time ago that a lot of my experiences were for the purpose of learning from them and then teaching others about them. I am so glad we can do this. None of my own teachers were willing to expose their lives and their own limitations to anyone.


My Arrival

I am aware that certain souls are awaiting my imminent arrival on this earth plane. Some souls are even vying to serve me and be by my side when I make my appearance. How idealistic and impractical! My work is not to be done through the mediums of fanfare and ceremony but, as Jesus said, “like a thief in the night.” One does not know a thief is around and neither will you.

Humanity would not be able to stand my high-frequency energy if I were to appear on the earth plane. They find it difficult enough being in the energy of my channel. How would they cope if they were to be in my presence? They would sizzle in the high-frequency voltage! My purpose on the earth plane is to slowly, but surely, infiltrate those souls who wish to change, to show them another way, a way without fear, guilt, and other negative emotions. My purpose is to teach the world through the medium of the Internet and, where possible, through personal teaching. My words will be there long after my channel has passed on. That is the purpose of these writings. They are a written reminder – a witness to Truth – which will one day be taken seriously.

As humanity moves up in vibration, slowly they will see the bigger picture and the new wisdom will spread. That is my purpose here – through my channels – one of whom writes my words on this website. There are many who do my healing and others who channel in different ways. They know who they are and do not seek fanfare or fame. They just do their work quietly and unobtrusively. The rewards for those souls are not on this earth plane, but beyond. They have the satisfaction of knowing they made a contribution to change. They seek no reward or recognition, and when recognition comes, they give Spirit the credit, not themselves. This is true service!

Through these souls I am already here and have been for some earth time. Many have just failed to notice.



I have been asked many times about the subject of Theosophy. Do I support it? Am I a part of it?

The answer to that is “Yes and no.” Yes, because it is part of many belief systems in the world today, those who believe in this way of studying the spiritual. Yes, I support it because for those souls who are searching and find Theosophy, it can be for them a door opening onto a wider world.

The answer no, is also relevant. It is so, because, for those souls who do not wish to be attached to Theosophy, who find it difficult to understand the Indian words and the way of Theosophy, I offer them something different: the teachings in a very simple form. Many souls do not want to be involved in churches, organizations, religions, or spiritual groups. They wish to serve the Spiritual realms alone. My writings are for them. Many have said they find Theosophy very difficult to understand. For those people I open another door. Many souls get great upliftment and spirituality from Theosophy. However, there are souls who do not want to be involved with that concept.

If one is truly spiritual then one can accept all thoughts on the spiritual, choosing to take what one needs. For those who are spiritual and who find it difficult to understand why there are so many different views on the spiritual, I would answer this by saying to you, “There are many different souls on the earth plane today. Each soul has its own vibration, as does the word of the spiritual. Even those who study Christianity are in the right, too. There is room on the earth plane for all views. Those souls who are searching will find the view that suits them. They should be allowed to do so.”


General Stuff – Final Chapter

It never ceases to amaze me how many people write to me with questions which can be answered in my books. I have written a number of books containing a great deal of information, most of which is not in other metaphysical books. I recently recorded an audio book version of my Photon Energy book. This enables you to listen to the book in your car while driving, to download into your i-pod, and to listen to it and not have to read the book. In a few weeks time, all of my books will be on audio CD.

The writings of Maitreya ( hold a wealth of information on many hundreds of subjects written by him since 1997. One does not have to be without knowledge. These writings are also on an audio CD recorded by Alan and, may I say, recorded superbly by him. The feedback on these audio readings has been phenomenal. There is no need. as I stated, to be without information on any metaphysical subject. Maitreya has written just about everything on every subject. Put it into the search engine in his website and it will come up. If not, write and ask him to write about it. He may not do that for some time, but he will eventually get around to it.

I honestly thought when I began my development that it was going to be so easy. I was going to be taken care of financially, I would be in heaven most of the time, and it would not take long. I was completely wrong. Spiritual development is about facing our fears, being true to who we are in our Higher Self, not in what the Self tells us or wants us to be. It is discipline – obedience in a way, to spirit – and not being afraid to face the dark side of you. It is also about keeping no secrets. the more you try to, the more they will be exposed!