Writing A Blog – Continued

Sometimes Maitreya will write a blog (or in the past write a newsletter or teaching) specifically to reach a person and make them aware of certain issues. He has done this as long as I can remember, and once again it creates e-mail questions of “Is this me?” I never know, I just write it. I do know when Maitreya is there when I am writing anything because there is a particular energy shift. Those who receive e-mail from him (staff and personal friends) have told me there is a difference in the writing when he does the writing than when I do it. His purpose is as a teacher, and he will do that teaching wherever and whenever he can whether it upsets a person or not.

Thinking back to those early years and the fear I had of writing the wrong information, it took me until a few years ago to let go of that fear and understand the purpose of the writings. If one has the ego in control – or the Self as we call it – boy, does that energy get upset over seeing itself in print or even seeing something which pertains to someone else which they also recognize in themselves. We are all mirrors for each other and, as such, so is Spirit through what they do. It does not stop at just being with someone. The same energy can be triggered through a blog or something similar. When I think back to those early years of channeling, I cannot tell you how many times I almost gave it up. My ex-husband would be a very rich man now if he had a dollar for every time I told him I did not want to do it anymore. Thankfully I did not give it up and am still doing it today. However today, there is no fear, none whatsoever.


Just Stuff 2

I am sure there will be thousands of “Just Stuff” blogs after this one, but I don’t know what else to call the small blogs I feel I need to write about small things. My first issue of “Stuff” again, is about those of us who work in the metaphysical field. I have been very lucky in that, since I began my metaphysical work I have not wanted for money. It has been tight many times financially, but I had faith and all that I needed for the next part of my journey was always there even if at times, I did not believe it myself.

I have had some terrible fear about money over my years of working with those in the world of spirit; however, I have not had to borrow money. All I have earned apart from living expenses has gone into what I do on a metaphysical level. I have also loaned money and not had it returned. It is interesting though that, before I opened the door and went through it into doing my metaphysical work, I was so hard up financially. I do not know how I got through. Maitreya, my teacher, says “A laborer is worthy of his/her hire,” and I do not disagree with that. However, when one visits a professional in the medical or technical field one expects to pay a fee. Yet for some reason one who works in the metaphysical field is frowned upon for charging a fee for their services.

I happen to be very good at what I do with my talent in forecasting the future, the past, and in teaching and writing. I have studied the area of metaphysics for years. No, I have not had any classes because my teachers were incredible individuals who became friends. No I did not pay a fortune for classes or for courses. However, I was very professional and, even in the beginning, very good.