The Photon Energy – Final Chapter

For those who are negative, who will not look toward the light, and who want nothing to do with the spiritual within them, the Photon Energy will create more problems in their lives. Like attracts like, and the Photon Energy is designed to bring the light to the earth plane, to bring in the new age. All those attached to the old in any way – all those who do not want to look at the light and change – will find themselves becoming more and more negative. More and more they will create dis-ease for themselves and bring about their own demise from this earth plane. It will be the cleansing of the planet that has been foretold for so long. Forget being taken away by the space brotherhood and the earth being cleansed; the space brotherhood is the Photon Energy and it means business!

This special message is not meant to be a prophecy of doom, neither is it a warning. Catastrophes and unexpected happenings have already started around the world. People are changing, and so is life. Blame it on the Photon Energy. One thing is for sure and that is, when its effects peak in the year 2012, the earth plane will never be the same again. All of the old fashioned dogma will be gone. Mankind will be more understanding, loving and creative. The earth plane will be renewed and the new age will be upon us. What a wonderful time that will be! Meanwhile, do not complain that there are not enough hours in the day.

Go to that workshop on healing that you always wanted to. Prepare yourself for change and, when it comes, go with it. Most of all learn to be who you really are because one of the things that the Photon Energy will do will be to create individual people, not sheep. Welcome the angel of change into your life and use the energy to transform your life in every way. That is the purpose of it being on the earth plane.