Frustrations – Continued

I must admit that, although I understand people’s fears and doubts about the world of Spirit and messages from beyond, it still is frustrating being on the receiving end of messages and not being able to get the messages either listened to or delivered to someone. As Ursula Roberts’ guide told her, “We are just here to give the message,” but one cannot help but be disappointed when a message is not given to those who can do something with it, or it is totally ignored like the man in New Zealand. I have lost count over the years of the people I have done readings for whom, when I have told them their destiny, either get very rude and say things like “I don’t even like doing that” or who tell me I am totally wrong. People who, years later, come back to see me or send me an e-mail saying, “You will never believe what I am doing now!”

Of course one does not remember the reading. In fact with most readings, unless the client leaves a permanent mark in my memory, I rarely remember readings and the clients who have them. Once I have given the message it is gone – removed from my memory. I do not keep it. I can remember names sometimes (one man who talks on our radio show has a deceased friend whose name I know every time we speak), but often I do not remember anything. It is so frustrating to have clients who one has seen write and say not only “Guess what I am doing now?” – or words to that effect – and who say I was your 3rd reading in so and so on May 15th last year, as if I can remember them and all those who came on that day! It is even more frustrating to watch their face as I tell them with love in my heart and voice that I do not remember those who come for a reading at any time.