Disasters – Final Words

Change is not easy, whether for a person or a country. What is happening in the world is having a dramatic effect on all of us. I do not feel we have seen the last of it or the worst of it yet either, but again, I have to reiterate earlier statements. These events have all happened before. It is nothing new and has nothing to do with the 2012 predictions. It is moving us on, and this year the planet Uranus moves into the sign of Aries. Uranus is all about change – sudden change without warning – and, once in Aries, its purpose is to move us on, create change, and make us a better people. It will enable many souls to go home, but for those of us left, it will help us to become a better people and a better earth plane.

We need to be aware of this transition because it means business, and we cannot change it like a clock if we do not like the time. It is intent on moving us on and helping us. Of course, the Self in all of us will bring out the negatives of what happens instead of seeing the positive, which is to make the earth plane better. We cannot move forward without change. We have to change to move higher in our existence. It is either that or the earth plane annihilates itself and the Higher Self part of us has a different path for us. The disasters are here to stay, just as they always have been. The earth plane is not happy with many things and, during the next 50 earth years, we will change much of what has been into a more positive outlook. We just have to move with the change and not fight it. We also have to have no fear. Everything, as my teacher, Maitreya, has said, is perfect in the Universe. There are no accidents, and all this has been chosen by us at this point of time. It is meant to be!

Margaret McElroy

Disasters – Continued

Each time the Universe moved me on, I had to learn to start all over again. I was used to one way of doing things – habitual – then suddenly I was facing change and, although it looked exciting, it scared the Self to pieces. I had not nurtured the Higher Self then, although in my second Saturn return I understood the Self a lot more than I did prior to this change. Still, I felt the fear. Even more fear was created with my connection to Alan and a past life we had together as we entered that union.

I watch people’s energy as they sit in my office and I tell them they are going to make a lot of changes in their life. The aura around most of them becomes rigid, and they go into immediate denial. “Oh, I cannot make changes. I have my job, home, husband, children, etc.” They make all of the excuses the Self can think of, and most of them will change the subject rather than talk about the change. I do not spend time on the subject unless they show interest. It just evokes more fear.

As I stated earlier in this blog, why do we fight change? Yes, it is because we fear the unknown. That, and the fact that we may not be able to cope with new experiences – have the education to cope with them or consider ourselves not good enough for change. But most of all it is because we are happy in our comfort zone, even (as often as I see it) if that comfort zone is not making us happy. Better to stay where we are than move to something we do not know. When disaster strikes, it forces us to move on. For some reason, our Self drives us to attract change in order to force us to move on. It will not do it voluntarily!



So much is happening around the world – earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, and other forms of disaster. They have all happened before. Yes, that is correct, they have all happened before. So many people have written to me in the last few weeks asking if what is happening has to do with the end of the world and what has been predicted for 2012? I have to say that it could be, because the forecast for that time by seers and prophets has been very dire and frightening. But what we have to remember is that, for as long as I can remember (and in recorded history itself), disasters have happened. It is nothing new, but why do they happen? They happen because it is nature’s way of making us change. As a human civilization, we do not like change. The majority of us fight change because change brings unknown happenings in our lives, and we always like to be prepared. We do not like the unknown because we may not have the knowledge, experience, or awareness to deal with something we do not know.

I know that in my own life I have had so much fear of change when forced into it by nature or by Spirit. I have fought such a battle with the energy of moving on. One cannot fight change though, for if you do not move, the Universe will move you on anyway and find a way to do so. Each time for me, it has involved losing all I held dear in the form of material possessions. The first was in my Saturn return at age 29 by leaving England for Australia and having to leave everything I had behind. We arrived in Australia with 5 suitcases of clothes and a small case of favorite soft toys for the children. Then, again, in my mid-30’s when I lost almost everything I had created in Australia in a recession. Then in my second Saturn return, I left Australia for the USA and married Alan. Once again, I left behind everything, apart from a few books I had in Australia.

2011 – Continued

I remember a few months back when this apartment became vacant and she considered leasing it. She had so much fear about taking it on. I channeled the message I gave to her and, thankfully, she believed the message and took on the lease. After doing so things quieted down again for her – which started the fear once again – but the message today confirmed that she did do the right thing. If she keeps trusting, the Universe will do what it has to do to make it happen for her.

Like all of you out there, I sometimes do not have faith. At times of exhaustion or upset in my life, I do not have total control of myself, and the Self comes in with all of its fear! Of course, now I can usually recognize it. It does not take too long to control the Self again, but I am human and have a Self – so much so that, yes, I do fall by the wayside every now and again. I doubt what I am doing and doubt the purpose of that plan.

I had such an experience this last week. My Self wanted to give up, just give everything away. It was lamenting the fact that people rarely ask how I am. Nobody ever thinks I get tired, and so many people see me as invincible. I am not a superhuman person who never has problems and sails through life. Oh, I wish it were like that. I just happen to have a strong constitution, a strong determination, and a strong Higher Self that keeps me from dwelling in the Self too much. However, the Self often has the time of its life when I am down! At times, my Self (like yours) takes me down like a wrestler – quick and without warning!


2011 – Continued

I told her to set a date and let the Universe take care of it, but she could not do that. However, I knew that, as the months passed, it would eat and eat away at her inside and it did. Finally, I had an e-mail with a date (almost a year ahead, but at least a date); she had made her decision. Once she made her decision, the Universe began setting things into motion. She began getting more and more work, people began to discover who she is and what she does, and the outcome was favorable. She, herself, could even see her future now, whereas before the negative Self would not let her see it. She was on her way. Today, a few years later, she is a very successful self-employed teacher/reader/therapist. Over the last few weeks her Self has got her down again and been very cruel to her. She has not been doing well because everything has closed down for Christmas. However, today I got a Skype message from her. Here is her message to me:

“So today I had a short presentation about myself and my work at the International Women Club in a big hotel. It was a wonderful, fun, and festive event. So after I did my presentation and tried to be funny too (I am better and better in public speeches- that fear was the one in the past that would make me look goofy), many women came up front to me and wanted to ask about the natal chart reading etc. One of the ladies also asked if she could gather some of her girlfriends around lunch or dinner and if I could come and do some readings, and I said “Yes, of course.” Later on, the girlfriend that invited me told me the woman was the wife of a very important person here in my country! I was really happy. Now I really have got much more motivation for my work. It is beautiful how Spirit is opening the doors. I remembered how you told me when I asked you whether I should buy a new apartment and you replied with “Yes,” because I would need it for some social gatherings with important people. I could not understand at the time what you meant, but now I do understand!”