Destiny – Continued

Although we went on to work together for another four years, we eventually separated, and husband number 3 (Alan) came in. By now I was becoming concerned at my fulfilling my destiny. I had found out from Maitreya that the mishaps in the USA and New Zealand were meant to happen. First of all, it was part of the ego destruction I needed to help me go where I had to go, and second, it was to force me to face my fear. And boy did I have some fear over the whole episode!

For some reason I trusted Alan. His purpose from day one was to help me as much as he could, and he has helped me tremendously. I had been told about him coming into my life by an intuitive friend in 2003, and he came into my life in 2004. His dedication to Maitreya surpassed anything I had ever seen and his support of me even more. He also told me in New Zealand that he is the last man in my life. That made me even more positive about the future and fulfilling my destiny.

What would have happened if Alan had not come in or run away in the first few years? Someone else would have come in, or I may never have been able to fulfill my destiny. If not, it would have meant that I would come back for another round of existence.

That source we know as God created within us the gift of free-will – choice – and did not realize how much of a problem it would be in the fulfillment of our destiny. Our destiny is the fate we have chosen for ourselves before we are born – our life plan – and this can be seen in the birth chart an astrologer creates which will assist you to see where your life lessons are and also where your hardest lessons and transformation are going to be. Without this information, even people who do not need a partner to fulfill their destiny often cannot fulfill it.


Lost Souls – Part 2 Continued

The more you raise your vibration, the more light you allow to enter your life. You, in effect, become a lighthouse in a way, and it is this light which emanates from you that the lost souls see or are led to, and then they are able to go home. I am sure some of you are asking, “But who leads them?” Well, there are actually energies in the spirit world who can sense these souls on the earth plane, but until the souls themselves feel comfortable in leaving, they cannot be forced to leave. However, once they are located, thoughts are sent telling these souls to go toward the Light. Usually they respond and begin looking for the Light. Someone is usually then in the vicinity to be able to take them over.

There is no judgment of any soul in the world of Spirit, so no matter how bad a soul thinks it has been, it is never judged. Someone once asked me what would happen to a soul like Charles Manson (who committed murders) if he became earthbound and went home through the Light. I honestly could not answer that question, but Maitreya told me that there is a special place for souls who are disturbed like those kinds of people are, where they are cared for and counseled. But only love is the avenue of healing. Love really works in the world of Spirit and has the most profound effect because there is no Self to jeopardize or justify! It is really truly wonderful to see healing done in the Higher Self and see transformation take place afterward.


Further Adventures – Final Words

I can honestly say that I never travel anywhere – whether on business or for pleasure – where nothing ever happens to me. Like the trip we took recently, everywhere we go I am put to work in some way either with people I meet or with the place in general.

My most memorable trip was in September, 2001, when my ex-husband and I went to New York and Washington D.C. the week before the disaster at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. A week prior to the loss of the World Trade center we had stood at the top. My ex-husband had gone to the very top level and quickly came down and told me, “Let’s get out of here.” When I asked why, he told me he had seen a huge fire on the top where we were standing. I have never left a place so quickly in my life.

Of course since then, Alan and I have been to many places where events have occurred which cannot be explained. We look upon it as part of our job. A few weeks ago Alan and his business partner were in New York standing at a taxi stand waiting for a cab. The following day a man was shot by police at that same spot! Sometimes it is too spooky for words. However we know we are doing things for a reason, just as when we went through the dark energy in Oahu. I would honestly love to think that, as we passed through, Maitreya’s energy would make a difference to the darkness and bring some light to some if not all of the people there. I do know that when people are in Maitreya’s energy the most amazing things happen transformation-wise, whether it be on the radio, by phone or in person. Alan is also having that kind of experience which is wonderful because now it is not just me doing it, but the both of us. I am very blessed to have someone like Alan to share the burden.

Astrology 2 – Continued

In 1992, I finally left my marriage for good. Mercury, Venus and Pluto were all in my 7th house. Mercury, Venus, and Pluto were there to help me to move on – Venus by bringing a new love into my life who took me easily away from my first husband. Mercury was there to enable me to hopefully speak my truth (which I did after years of not doing anything), and Pluto was there for transformation – the transformation of my marriage from what it had been. I used all of the energy in that house that year. However, Pluto did its job a little too well when my ex-husband not only had all the furniture which I had given him because I did not need it, but he also took everything out of our bank account and cleared me out financially. I can almost hear you saying, “Oh, my God!” in dismay, but it was the best thing he could have done for me because he then pursued me for the car we had (which was a gift from a friend). My new partner promptly sold it and, with that money we went to New Zealand where I promptly became very successful both financially and career-wise.

At that time Saturn was hanging around in my 10th house; my new career was wonderful but such hard work. I was doing 40 readings a week, a newspaper and magazine column each week, a number of past-life sessions, and a radio show. I had so much energy though, but of course Saturn is all about hard work and learning, and boy did I learn a lot that year. Again, without Saturn there I would never have done so.

It is interesting because, when Alan came into my life in 2004, my solar return had Mercury and the South Node in my 7th house. One of the things I had was a problem communicating with Alan, and of course the South Node represents the past. I immediately went into past-life mode and did not realize it. It was all about communication. I had such a fear of communicating to him not only what I wanted to say but also what I was channeling.