The Past

So many of you live in the past – in fear of moving forward and in fear of change. The past as you know it has gone. It has left only memories – some good, some bad – but memories only. You cannot return to the past; you cannot live in the past. How can you live in something that has gone? What you are actually doing is living in memories. Many souls live in their memories because that is where they were happiest. They do not realize that they can have happiness today, in the now! All they can see is their memories. When they do this, they cannot see the now or what is to come –what you on the earth plane call the future.

It is hard to break free of memories, but once you are free then you can live a life that is free, unencumbered, because there is only a now! This moment of time now, is all that matters. Nothing else is important, the now is all. What matters though is this moment of time – the now – and allowing what is to come to manifest. If you live in the now, you leave the past behind and allow the future to manifest. Then you truly are in line with your destiny. The past has been and gone. It taught you lessons, helped mold you into what you are now, been a blessing (some souls may think it a curse), but it is gone. Do not step backward into the past, but just be still in the now! When you can do this you will truly know peace. As you do this, the future – as you call it or what is to come for you – will unfold gracefully, bringing with it wonderful opportunities for growth and expansion.