Questions and Answers – Continued

One thing I do know is that it does get to a point where one can go for months – sometimes longer than that – without being bothered with the deep subconscious issues, because most of them have been dealt with. This happened to me in my 61st year. I went nearly a whole year without anything coming to the surface. At that time the Self pulled out one of the pockets it had hidden away. I was preparing for change once again, and I should have known the Self had a surprise for me. However, this time I was so used to this happening that I did not give it any energy and, when it did happen, it did not affect me as much as in the past. In fact it almost passed without notice.

Of course, as one is letting go of the dark, old energy which has not been dealt with prior to it coming out, one lets in more light. That light enables one to become super intuitive, with more healing energy. One also feels more energetic and alive. Of course, when you are facing the issues one needs to, one can cry, get depressed, and become very negative. If one can face this though and not give it any energy or succumb to the Self, it makes it a lot easier to deal with. For most of us, the issue began many incarnations ago, and we have been struggling for incarnations to free ourselves from this energy, not being able to move forward until it is cleared. It is why we need the help of a Master to remove it. I have said many times, I must have been a sewer pit with the amount of stuff I had to clear away, but I am almost there now, much better than I was after 25 years of working on myself, going forward 3 steps and backward 2 steps. It has been a long journey and at times very tiring.