Anger (by Djwhal Khul) – Continued

By Djwhal Khul – The Tibetan Master

Guest of the Master Maitreya

Most people have no idea that this time bomb of anger is just sitting below the surface waiting to go off. When it does explode, disaster is the result. There has been no education in this area at all, either by the church or social services of most countries. Hence there are more time bombs than you can ever imagine. Unfortunately negativity and anger has been increased many fold by other factors. Factors such as violent films (movies), violent contact, and blood sports all add to the anger influencing an individual. All these forces become cumulative until the person can no longer contain them. Then the bomb goes off. The high school shooting was the effect of such a person not being able to handle the negativity before anyone could recognize the danger signals. When you have a big group of people who have anger, then a collective unconsciousness forms where wars can start and killing on a large scale can happen. Kosovo is an example of this unconsciousness working.

What can be done about this anger to defuse it? Counseling with a past-life therapist (one who is versed in the matters of spiritual realms) can go a long way to helping an individual gain balance and poise once more. It is not an easy road to take, but it must be taken if the person is to get better without creating much negative karma. Once counseling and past-life therapy is started, other avenues will open up for further help.

I leave these thoughts with you.

Djwhal Khul