Thought Energy – Continued

Often you have a thought about someone. You feel you want to communicate something, but cannot do this. You then set up an energy (thought) block in the throat chakra. Perhaps you are frightened to open the door to the spiritual part of you. You think about this but do not do it. You then create an energy (thought) block in the third eye or crown chakra.

To give an example of just two areas of blockage: Because it cannot be seen it stays there over earth time – often for many incarnations – becoming more and more angry because it cannot move. You have stopped it by not acting and allowing the created energy to flow. It then turns inwards trying to get back to its creator. But it cannot do this because it is not possible. It is of the spiritual, not the physical, and it needs a spiritual channel to remove it. It has been created; you cannot un-create it except by spiritual healing or divine intervention of some sort such as prayer. All thought is energy, and all energy has to move forward. Just like the human sperm of the male has only one purpose – and that is to fertilize the female – so energy as thought has only one purpose and that is to create what has been thought. Negative thoughts will create negative realities; positive thoughts will create positive realities.

That is how blockages are created. Only the Divine Energy of the spiritual realms can clear these blocks. Through your own bringing in of that energy (if you are not too heavily blocked with negative energy or through someone else such as a healer) the power of the spiritual energy can (if there is the right channel for that energy) shift the energy block and dissipate it until it does, in fact, return to where it came from, i.e.., Universal Energy. Removing this stagnant, negative energy then allows the spiritual body to vibrate at a higher rate (frequency) of vibration.


Changes – Continued

Maitreya taught me that I had a right to complain. He also taught me that, if I did not express the words I felt and wanted to express them but held them in, they stayed within my throat chakra as unexpressed energy. Eventually this unused energy would build and become a block, then dis-ease and then a serious health problem. He taught me that, if we do not release this energy by speaking or expressing it via a form of healing etc., we could actually bring it back with us into another incarnation to once again have problems health-wise or not speaking. I had such a fear of expressing myself, but with Maitreya’s help, I began to speak my truth. In the beginning his energy created huge coughing fits in my throat, which took ages to clear – years, in fact. But the more I cleared, the easier it became to speak and express my own truth.

One of the areas I had difficulty with was asking people for money – talking to them about the price of my courses, readings etc. More than anything, he taught me that a laborer is worthy of his hire, that what is given cannot be given for free (unless it is karmic and the soul would know whether it was or not, very clearly). I had been very Christian in my thinking until Maitreya came into my life, and for years I had been doing things for people free of charge. He taught me that, if I did this I set people up for more karma. It was a big shock, but in his energy I could see that. In the beginning was hard changing because of the fear of rejection – which is what I had been frightened of – and that was why I needed to justify myself A friend once told me I did not need to justify myself, but I could not see it then. It took a few years of being with Maitreya to enable me to see that. He told me that was why the fortune tellers would ask to cross their palms with silver, for they knew that, without payment, they set up the client for further karma.