You were all meant to have abundance in your life. Yes, every one of you, yet you do not know of this, and many of you stop the flow to that abundance by your thinking. There is a common conception that some people are born to abundance and others have to suffer. This is not true. The Creator made you all the same, all of you can have abundance in your life. You just need to create it. Yes, some of you have lessons to learn about this subject and may find it harder than others to create this, but it should not be a problem and you will find that abundance.

You waste so much earth time by living in the past, not believing in yourself, having doubt about your abilities, etc. You cannot change what has been; why concern yourself with it? When you let go of the past you can create the future in a far better way. The energy is there to assist you because it is not being wasted on the past. The abundance that is yours by right can start to enter your life in whatever way you have manifested it. There are those who think that abundance is wrong, that one should not have abundance. How can one attain the things one wants if one does not have abundance? Think of what one can do if one has the means. It makes for a lovely life.

There is nothing wrong with abundance. It is what you do with it that counts. Think about where in your life you would like abundance and then let go of all negative thinking concerning that area. Then watch as your life changes. It really is very simple.


Changing the Thinking – Final Chapter

I was asked recently if it is possible to change the thinking and, if so, how long does it take? I had to be honest and say, “Yes you can change the thinking, but it can take a long time.” It has taken me 60 years to change my conditioned thinking, not only from what my father put there, but also as I discovered from past lives – many of them. Had I not read Florence Scovel Shinn’s book, I doubt I would be where I am today, for it was her book which really changed my life. I have often wondered if I was her in another life because she wrote her books in the early 1900′s, but I have never been given an answer. I do so identify with her though, and once again in my work with Maitreya’s help (my spiritual teacher) I am giving affirmations to people which are really helping them to change their lives.

The Self also hates change. It fights it with a vehemence. The Higher Self is trying to bring change into your being, but if the Self is too strong or you are not on a higher rate of vibration, it can be so hard trying to bring it in. With perseverance, though, it can be done. An affirmation must be positive and it must override the negative programming which has been instilled inside of you. Remember, it could be there from many past lives; it is not going to leave without a fight. If you do persevere though, not only will you begin to manifest much more in your life, but you will feel better also. I cannot tell you how many times I began an affirmation, then stopped, then started again, but in the end I managed to do it and yes, I changed the energy. Nobody should speak down to you or in a negative way. If they do, it is their problem, not yours. Perhaps you mirror for them something they do not want to see within themselves. Try beginning the change now. It can happen and for the better.

Changing The Thinking – Continued

Reading those books completely changed my mind, because they enabled me to see how I could change the thinking. I began immediately to say affirmations about the areas of my life I had problems with, including the self-esteem and confidence factor. I noticed a marked difference in my behavior a short time after, and so did everyone else. But more than once it did not work, and I would go right back into “father mode” again. As time passed I did get a lot better, but the self-confidence & self-esteem issue was so difficult to remove from my being. It even created problems for me in watching myself on video (I just could not do it), and it also affected my relationships with others. Although on the surface I had a great deal of confidence or seemed to have, I really did not, I was so fearful of anyone finding out that I was stupid or incapable of being a good person.

When Alan came into my life the fact that he is younger than I and what I consider very handsome took me right back into old mode again. Why would he want me? What did he see in me? I could not come to terms with the fact he actually liked me and even more, loved me. Alan realized that and began every day saying something positive about me. He would tell me I was a beautiful woman, that I was very special to him, or words such as that. I, of course, said it was a load of rubbish and refused to believe he could feel the way he did. It has taken four years of affirmations and compliments for me to finally accept that I am not stupid, an idiot, a blockhead or any of the words my father used. I could never see myself as beautiful, but I can now.


Changing the Thinking

Contrary to what one may think, it is not easy changing one’s patterns of thinking. All of our lives we have been programmed to certain things, and changing that thinking is sometimes a difficult task. I was told by my father from the age of about 3 when I could talk and comprehend what I was listening to; “What’s the matter girl, are you stupid?” “You numbskull,” “You will never amount to anything,” and other expressions equally as bad. At least once a day I would hear a negative statement about myself. It led to my biting my nails as a child and to being a loner at school. Until I was 32 years old I had no confidence in myself whatsoever. It became worse as I got older because the constant daily insults just reiterated for me what was being said. My father, of course, took his frustration and anger out on me because he was not happy in his marriage and did not know how to deal with things other than to insult and degrade. However, it was not until my late forties that I finally realized how frustrated and angry he was.

I was lucky in that both of my previous husbands helped me to step out of the negative programming in the beginning of the marriage, but then later on when I became successful for some reason, they did exactly what my father did, insulting me and putting me back where I had come from. Of course, I allowed it, but then when one has been denigrated all of one’s life it is very hard to believe you are anything other than what you spent most of your early life being told.