I have been asked many times about the subject of Theosophy. Do I support it? Am I a part of it?

The answer to that is “Yes and no.” Yes, because it is part of many belief systems in the world today, those who believe in this way of studying the spiritual. Yes, I support it because for those souls who are searching and find Theosophy, it can be for them a door opening onto a wider world.

The answer no, is also relevant. It is so, because, for those souls who do not wish to be attached to Theosophy, who find it difficult to understand the Indian words and the way of Theosophy, I offer them something different: the teachings in a very simple form. Many souls do not want to be involved in churches, organizations, religions, or spiritual groups. They wish to serve the Spiritual realms alone. My writings are for them. Many have said they find Theosophy very difficult to understand. For those people I open another door. Many souls get great upliftment and spirituality from Theosophy. However, there are souls who do not want to be involved with that concept.

If one is truly spiritual then one can accept all thoughts on the spiritual, choosing to take what one needs. For those who are spiritual and who find it difficult to understand why there are so many different views on the spiritual, I would answer this by saying to you, “There are many different souls on the earth plane today. Each soul has its own vibration, as does the word of the spiritual. Even those who study Christianity are in the right, too. There is room on the earth plane for all views. Those souls who are searching will find the view that suits them. They should be allowed to do so.”


Just Stuff! – Continued

It never ceases to amaze me how many people put the Masters on a pedestal, and yet they (the Masters) have told me they are just teachers. They just have more knowledge than we do. When I first worked with Maitreya, the man who helped me to learn about him and the Masters in the world of Spirit was a Theosophist. He had been trained in the ways of Theosophy which, even 17 years ago, was dying out because of its old-fashioned ideas. It was a shame really because great buildings had been built to house these Theosophical Societies, but they were empty most of the time, and very few people wanted to explore the belief system.

Maitreya educated my then-partner in a completely new way of thinking. He told him that he did not want to be known by the name “Lord.” Who is Maitreya to give himself a title and put himself above others? He is a teacher, and then over the next ten years taught my partner and myself about the world of Spirit as it is, not as we idealize it or take from another source. It was wonderful teaching, but certainly show the Masters as normal energies with a penchant for enjoying their life in Spirit, with great senses of humor (which do not upset or ridicule another), and with such energy and optimism! They are amazing energies, but if you meet a channel who insists that they channel a “LORD,” please be wary and ask yourself, “Does this feel right?” For me – and this is my truth – anyone who gives themselves a title such as that is not true to themselves. If you are truly true to yourself, you do not need a title or need to be anyone special. If you can do this and be without ego, your energy to work with others in a metaphysical way can be awesome. The energy alone announces your presence, you do not need anything else.