Karmic Debt – Continued

What you do to another is karmic; so is not telling a person something. We think because it is our husband, mother, father, sibling, friend, it does not matter, but it does matter. Very much it matters. Thankfully for both Alan and me, we both had the money to be able to repay the karma. I was told that Alan asked for it before he was born when he was making his plan; the same with me. How many people out there though are the same as Alan and me and do not understand why they are experiencing what they are going through and are continuing to make fresh karma?

Maitreya, my teacher, told me that the purpose of the Masters and the teachings they bring to the earth plane is to help us with situations like this. Once we know and understand the why, how, what, and who of a situation, it makes it so much easier to understand why things are happening. Every day in my work I meet people who are confused about what is happening to them and I am able to assist them to let go of their worries and concerns by telling them of their karmic debts etc. It is just a pity I cannot help myself (LOL)!! Mind you, if I did know it would stop me from learning the lesson the right way – the hard way! Karma is karma, whether it is big or small. Once as a child I stole some items from a store. I was about 12 years old at the time, and did not know what I know now. Over the years, the Universe has found a way for me to repay that karma by having items stolen from my own retail businesses. What goes out, must come back; it is the law of the Universe!


Different Things – Continued

Someone asked me during the time all this was happening, “Can’t Maitreya help you?” He was helping me. He brought the massage therapist into my life, led me to the magnets and the infra-red, and even provided a doctor who was a visitor to our center and very connected with the metaphysical – so connected that, when I talked about it in metaphysical terms, she understood me. Like all of the Master teachers, he cannot wave a magic wand on the physical level. Whatever we have buried deep within ourselves and not released from the past must come out. The Masters also bring the people and issues we need to help us to release. The Photon Energy is helping this along also. By speeding up time, the energy is also speeding up the release of past-life trauma and pain a lot quicker. (The book The Photon Energy is available at the on-line store on this website.) 

My release took about 4 years and coincided with my Saturn return which I will write about next. More and more people are having pain and discomfort come to the surface along with anger and emotional issues. Often, the cause cannot be found. One of my recent e-mails was from a father concerned at his thirteen-year old daughter who had recently been into hospital for an exploratory operation to find out where her very heavy monthly bleeding came from. The hospital visit provided no clues; everything was fine inside of her. However, she had the trauma inside her of being raped and having her child ripped from her womb before dying. She was actually mentally unbalanced after that for the rest of her life. I am so grateful (despite the terrible pain it caused) that I was able to experience the past-life pain of what the shackle had done to me, because I know about past-life pain and how long it can take to come to the surface. I just feel so blessed to have been able to do that.


The Masters – Part 3

The truth is this:

We, the Ascended Masters, do not and never have lived in the Himalayas. We are in spiritual realms and will remain here. We cannot live on the earth plane because our vibration is so high. We recruit disciples – who agree before they come to the earth plane – to work with us, and these souls become our channels. To do this, they have to go through rigorous training to remove the Self and replace it with the Higher Self. This training consists of many years of discipline and hard work in learning to handle our energy and also learning total obedience to us so that our words, and not the channel’s, are spoken. There are many dimensions of the spiritual world. We reside on one of the highest ones. We became Masters because we freed ourselves from the earth plane. We repaid all of our karma and learned all of our lessons. Then we went into the higher worlds and worked our way up again through the many dimensions until we reached ascension. The world knows of only a few Masters but there are thousands of us. We all work in the process of overseeing the Universe, and especially in trying to help humankind reach a higher state of being.

In my case, I have been with the woman I channel through since 1992, accustoming myself to her physical body, her energy, and her subtle bodies. She was trained before that for five years by another being who taught her to channel and accustomed her body to the energies of spiritual realms. For her, this has not a pleasant experience and has caused her much discomfort and imbalance. She knew it was necessary though if she were to communicate with the Highest. There are what you would recognize as male- and female-energy Masters, the Lady Nada and the Lady Mary to name just two of the female energy Masters. Each one of us has a role to play in directing the energy of humankind on earth to a higher vibration. We can only work through a channel, and this channel has to be specially trained. For those who are experienced in understanding astrology you can see if you study my channel’s chart that she is befitted to channel my energy. Much has been written about us the Masters, but the majority of those words are not true. In time, humankind will recognize that what has been written in the past is not true. We wish it to be known that we are now ready, with Madame Blavatsky again, to take the word of us in spiritual realms to the people. Madam has incarnated once again to be our channel, but this time to do it as we wish. This time, she has been an excellent student, and is now ready to take our words to the world.


Understanding Spirit – Continued

I finally left the Baha’i faith because I believed wholeheartedly in reincarnation and karma, and this was not the belief of the Bahai’s. However, I will be eternally grateful for what they taught me and for taking away the terrible fear of the devil that I had. I was out on a limb so to speak for quite a while and, during that time, I searched many religions and faiths. I also connected with the Spiritual Church and, although I did not want to go back into a church situation (I knew I could not do that), I began to learn about the world of Spirit. I also discovered my own intuition and, although in the beginning I read books and educated myself that way, I soon realized that I could get the answers myself. Without the fear there, I was able to start communications with those on the other side of the veil. Although I hesitated to do this, the fear was soon replaced by a desire to learn more.

However, it was not until Maitreya came into my life in 1992 that I really began my education. I had only heard the words “The Masters” once before in my life, and that was when I lived on the Gold Coast of Australia, and a friend of mine, a male intuitive, talked to me about them and lent me a book. However, it made no impression on me at all. I was not told initially that I was going to be working with a Master –the words were, “You will be working with a higher consciousness.” It was not until Maitreya came in that my ex-husband, an avid Theosophist at the time, told me that Maitreya is a Master. Many years later I read Dr. Brian Weiss’s book, Many Lives, Many Masters, and realized that he was writing about the same Masters. Of course, to me a “Master” was someone who was over one, who had control. Maitreya soon told me that he is a teacher, nothing more, that all the Masters are, and that we are not to look upon them as controlling.