Our Life Purpose – Final Words

It also amazes me how many people are in a job they hate, yet rather than open a new door they continue on in the job they are in and eventually have health problems because they are not at ease in their career. Rather than open a door to begin to study a new career if they have not done so already (and most have not), they plod along until eventually they create dis-ease, then full blown disease within themselves. I have actually seen people die because they would not make the changes they were capable of, all due to fear.

I am finally living my life’s purpose. I must say also that you are never too old to change. I had a 67-year old friend who had always wanted to do healing. Her astrological chart showed this was her true destiny. She had been a mother and grandmother but never worked. One day she came to classes I was teaching and learned how to heal. She found that she had (as I felt) a natural talent for healing and began using it part time. It gave her so much happiness to do this, and I know it kept her young and healthy. She is now almost 90 and still healing. I know she will make it to 100 and still be healing.

Are you unhappy in your career or job? Are you doing what you came here to do? You do not have to give up your job or career to open a new door. This can be done casually or part time in study and in working it (before one builds up a clientele) and then give up the old work one is doing. In closing, I wish to say that Maitreya, my teacher, taught me the fact that happiness is ours to create. Spirit does not do this for us – we do it. When we find our life purpose, we find our passion, and then one is truly happy. So many people never find their passion or their life destiny, and it is such a shame because they bring themselves around for another incarnation just as I did. I am so glad I found what mine is and that I am fulfilling it. Not only that, but I am truly happy in what I do. So many people tell me that I work so hard, but I do not feel that I do. It is not work for me; it is my true destiny and passion.

Our Life Purpose – Continued

What is your life purpose? Do you know? I will tell you now that, if I were to tell you, you might not want to do it. It never ceases to amaze me how many people do this and deny their true talent. Even worse are the people who say they have no interest in that career! I have lost count of the number of people who have said that, only to come back and say they could not believe how happy they are now that they are doing it. As parents, we often want our children to do what we want them to do, rather than what they want to do.

Both Alan and I have been guilty of this when our children were younger. I was a good – but failed – ice skater, so I put my children into ice skating. My son showed exceptional talent and so I persuaded him to be an ice skater and a coach. He hated it because it meant he had to be away from home to study for this. The Universe did everything it could to stop him from doing this. The local ice rink closed down, hence the need for him to travel an hour and a half to another rink and eventually stay with a family there. The cost for me was enormous, but at the time I could not see that it was not what he was meant to be. He was living my dream, and it took some time before I was able to see that and enable him to do what his destiny was which was to go into the services, namely the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force). He leaves that career in February of 2011 after 23 years of service. He has enjoyed every one of those 23 years.



What are your talents, where do they lie. Margaret talks about the change in her life that led her to find her passion and who you can find yours.


Independence – Continued


The use of intuition is not encouraged today, and yet it can be the biggest help to souls in finding their path and their talent. There are no spiritual people in the education system to help the souls tune into their Akashic record and to find their purpose in life. Years ago the shaman – the wise man or woman of the village – or the priest or priestess did this.

Spirituality is not about forcing one to believe in God, nor in being holy or religious. It is about being one with the Divine Soul and allowing those who do have the gift of the spiritual realms – seers, diviners, spiritual clairvoyants, etc. – to guide one to one’s destiny, to show the way to one’s talent and one’s future. Oh, if only this were so, there would be no souls living off of the government.

As long as the government provides a living for people, those souls will take what is provided. When a government forces one to use one’s own talent by not providing assistance, then that soul can achieve their destiny. Find your talent, and you will find your destiny. When you find your destiny, you will find happiness and you will, if you allow yourself to move toward that destiny, to start a new life for yourself.

You will no longer then be dependent on another for your income.




It is time that humankind learned that each one of you can make yourself independent from anyone or anything and that, by doing so, you can also raise your vibration spiritually.

Each soul who arrives on the earth plane for an incarnation has a talent and the ability to use that talent for their own advancement and prosperity. Many souls, however, are not aware of that talent and spend a lot of time being dependent on government help financially. No soul should have to depend on a handout for their living. No soul should have to sleep in a cardboard box or in the streets under rags. Each soul has within them the talent to create a wonderful and secure financial future for themselves if only they knew how.

Society on earth has created a situation in which those who are working (through their taxes) pay for the income of those who don’t work. Those who don’t have an income sink lower and lower in self-esteem and get caught in the spider web which is provided by the government. That provision is usually minimal and designed to give only the financial bare essentials. Families and individuals who take the opportunity to live that way usually find it very difficult to escape once they take part, and so a pattern is set.

Each soul is worth something and each soul has talent of some sort. There is never a soul who does not come with talent. It is difficult, however, to find that talent in an education system that only encourages academics. There are many souls who are not academic and yet they are made to feel inferior because they are not. They leave school feeling they are losers – “no hopers” – and have no future. Every soul has a future, and every soul has a talent. Once that talent is found, they can then open a whole new door for themselves.