Working for Spirit – Continued

Many people entering the metaphysical realm or path seem to think that everything is going to be roses and only good things will happen to them. It could not be further from the truth. As things begin to unfold – such as health issues and the repayment of karma – many people walk away, not able to believe that Spirit would allow this to happen, unaware that this has to happen because one cannot be blemished from the past going into the future. Another belief is the fact that we see ourselves as good people in this incarnation. Why are we going through this? Why are we suffering? Why is Spirit allowing this to happen? What have I done to deserve this?

Of course, it is all past-life related or from prior experiences in this life, but our Self cannot see this. It is hurting big time and it does not like what is happening. At the same time, it knows that every time we let go of something from the past, it no longer has any power because the Self lives in the past all of the time, hanging on to the pain and suffering. It enjoys playing the victim and the martyr. It gets so much attention from doing so. Early on in life it realizes how much sympathy one can get from being sick and playing the victim/martyr.

All of those years as I was releasing all the issues from my past, my Self fought my letting go by bringing in fear, doubt, insecurity – all of which were not only a part of my life lessons in this lifetime to free myself from, but they also held me back metaphysically. I cannot tell you how many times it told me to get out of metaphysics and go back to the life I knew before (which to the Self was the comfort zone).


The Path

During the last few weeks, I have had a lot of (may I say) “winging” e-mails from various people around the world. You know, the kind of e-mail which says: “Why me?” “Woe is me!” “Why am I suffering like this?” – and other such questions. These are from spiritual people, some of whom have taken my courses and should know why they are going through what they are. If I had known what I would go through once I opened the door to metaphysics, I would honestly never have opened the door. But I did, and it has been a plodding path ever since. The thing is that I had nobody to help me. My teachers disappeared over a two year period, and I was then on my own. Of course, I had Maitreya, my teacher from the other side of the veil in what we call “Spirit,” but in the beginning I found it hard to understand what he wanted of me.

First, and foremost, we need to remember that all of our so-called suffering is not suffering, but a way for us to clear away old energy. I would have never have thought that I would put myself through some of the things I did, but I did. I personally created it, and it was the only way I could get rid of the abject fear I had and learn valuable lessons. Once we come to accept that we are the creators of our own reality – that we alone have created what we are going through for our own good – and that those who are hurting us are actually helping us, then we can actually see – either immediately or later – where they are helping us.

I remember leaving my dream home (after only two years in the house) and having to move to another state in Australia. My then-husband conveniently went “within” and left me to carry the burden of the responsibility of a recession. I asked God, “Why?” I was not even metaphysical then, but it seemed so unfair. Yet, it was that move that opened up the door to my metaphysical future.


Consideration for Others

Do you have consideration for others? Do you allow other people to make their mistakes and learn or grow? Or do you interfere, tell them they are doing the wrong thing, and try to persuade them otherwise?

There is so much manipulation on the earth plane today – souls who think they know best about another. Yet, each soul has their own path, their own vibration, their own ideas, and an inner ‘knowing’ of what to do. If they follow this intuition, they will be led and guided every step of the way of their lives to fulfill their destiny and fulfill their lives.

Humanity has such a habit of interference in others’ lives, of feeling they know what is best for everyone. They do not. Only each soul knows what is best for itself. Consideration for others means not interfering in another’s life, belief system, or faith.

It is hard seeing a fellow soul suffer. The heart cries out wanting to help, but only through pain and suffering can one truly learn. Humanity says, “Why should we go through pain and suffering? Why would God want this?” God does not want it, nor does the energy of God choose it for you. It was your choice before you were born to choose the way – whether hard or easy – that you will grow and become a higher energy.



All pain and suffering is cause and effect. If you look to the positive in your pain and suffering, then it will not seem such a burden to bear. Once you start to look to the positive, you will find the problem will disappear or become less than it is.

We, the Lords of Karma, the Ascended Masters, help each one of you choose your incarnations. We, with the Creator/Divine Soul, help you to choose the lessons for that life by showing you the records of your deeds that have still to be addressed. Sometimes we say to you, “You will find that situation too much. You may find you cannot go through with it.” But you ignore us and then find yourselves in terrible pain and suffering, crying out for help because you are finding it too much to cope with. God, The Creator/Divine Soul, is not responsible for your pain and suffering, you are. When you realize this, then it does not become such a burden and it passes quickly. There are no accidents. All that you do is a choice. Only when you have repaid your debts and learned your lessons do you have no more pain and suffering. This can be done in one incarnation or it can take many incarnations. You can start now by observing your actions and living a life where you create no negative situation but only work for the higher good in all that you do. It is your choice.



You cry aloud in your pain and suffering and you say, “God, why do you do this to me? I am a good person; I try to help everyone and be kind.” However, you are not aware of what you have done to another in another incarnation and, if this is so, this could now be time for repayment.

All that you sow, you eventually reap. There was once a man who did the most awful things to people in his life. He made money, but did not tithe nor did he share it. He evicted people from his property because he simply did not like them. He treated his wife like a slave, and other family members were put to work like bullocks pulling a plow. He had no remorse and did not seem to suffer in that life. He made a lot of money and died very wealthy. Even when he died, he made provision that his family would not get his money. In his next incarnation he found himself very poor, being evicted time and again from premises he rented. He and his family were treated worse than animals when they worked and he could not understand why. He finally called upon God and asked, “Why am I and my family suffering this way? I try to be a good person, but I cannot take anymore of this pain and suffering.” The Divine Soul then showed him in a dream where the pain and suffering came from, and he was ashamed. He saw all his past-life deeds and was sorrowed to see that, what he was receiving in this life, he had given out in another.

This is not the only reason for pain and suffering though. Many souls choose to suffer pain, loss, sadness, illness, and other painful things to enable them to grow or to learn from these experiences in order to help others. A soul can be a better drug counselor because he has been a drug addict himself and has suffered the pain of this. All that you suffer and have pain with is because you choose to go through this. You either are repaying karma or are learning lessons to help yourself and others. When you feel that you are suffering and in pain, ask yourself, “Why this is happening?” Allow yourself to be still so that the answer may come. Know that you choose it. Nobody makes you experience it; it is of your own choice.