2011 – Continued

As the world becomes more and more in turmoil with the Photon Energy bringing change, pressure, stress, and speeding up the Universe, we need to welcome change into our lives. We cannot move into change with fear. With change there are unknown factors, but if we can look upon that change as an adventure – look at it in a positive way – it will be positive because we are creating that with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we create our own reality. I see 2011 as a very positive year, a year of moving forward to a better way of life. Will it happen overnight? No. Will it bring massive change? No, it will not. Will there still be war, the Taliban, cyclones, tornadoes, and hurricanes? Yes, there will be. However, when one looks at the change that has taken place since 1980, boy have we made progress!

Many people may have moved away from the “new age movement,” but they hold within themselves the information that they gained during their tiptoe visit into it. It helped them to change a little even if they did not realize it. For those who did embrace it and moved forward, their lives have never been the same since.

If you are thinking of change in your job, marriage, or life, don’t hesitate to make that change. Do not let fear stop you from exploring the new avenues you want and often need. Remember also that unhappiness eats away at one, creating eventual dis-ease that then becomes full-blown disease. One of the saddest things for me is to see people who are obviously very unhappy, clinging to the thing they are the most unhappy with because their Self will not allow their Higher Self to see a better picture in the future. We came into this incarnation to experience change, to move away from the patterning and energy of the past, and to step outside of the boundaries we created in the past that have held us back for so long. We often cannot see it though.


Christmas 2 – Final Chapter

If you are reading this blog in real time – in other words, on the actual day it is published – it will be Christmas Eve in the USA. Alan and I hope that all of you either had a wonderful Christmas celebration or are just about to celebrate Christmas with your family or friends. If you can, try not to cause distress to anyone on this day. It is often when one has had a glass of wine or another type of alcoholic drink that words come out of the mouth a little smoother than normal.

We are heading closer to the year 2012 when there will be shift in the energy of the earth plane, and slowly things are destined to change. For 30 years the Photon energy has been preparing the world for this change, and although not catastrophic (sorry all those of you who expected it to be so), it will change the way the energy of the world has been. You will begin to feel it more and more as we head into December 2012. If you have any fear about this time, then get rid of it. As Maitreya said at the beginning of the millennium in 1999/2000, it is not going to be as bad as you think it is.

On this Christmas Day, try to enjoy the holiday. Do something daring (like eating my fruit cake LOL!). Just let go of any stress, worry, or anything else, and enjoy the time you have. To all those of you who believe and support Maitreya, Alan and I thank you for your continued support of the work we do. We are once again returning to Canada after Christmas, a nostalgic trip almost exactly as the first trip we took in 2004. I personally am so looking forward to it. We also hope 2011 will be a year of very positive things for all of you. If you think positively, you will be positive.

Margaret McElroy

Advice and Guidance – Final Words

After I have done any channeling sessions, clearing work, taught courses, or even a day of doing four readings or more, I need to rest either the day after or a few days afterward. It wears me out and, the older I get, the less energy I have to do it with. I am lucky in that I do seem to recover very quickly from working with the energy, and usually after a few days off I am fine. On our return from Curacao recently where we did a lot of work, I was three days just getting to the point where I felt “normal” – and that was not without physical aches and pains. Through all of this, I have Spirit, who is there to help me. On my return from Curacao, I began using the magnesium and am pleased to say that there is an improvement in the area of the problem. Albeit very small, it can be seen.

Please, if you feel you need to write me about my health or any issues you feel I need to be notified about, please do not write me. Some of the things I may need to learn from, while for others I have those in the world of Spirit who not only help me with these issues, but also reiterate them through others. My spirit doctor keeps a very close eye on me also. The work I do is exhausting at times, and yes, I do suffer from stress and exhaustion at times. It is part of my work. Yes, like everyone else, it gets me down at times, but I signed up for this experience and my astrological chart backs this up. I do love what I do, but some people find it hard seeing me when I am at my lowest point and perhaps down and worn out with the pain of the knee or the toll the energy has taken on me. My reward for this is seeing those I have helped walk away on a higher vibration. As Maitreya says; “Once they were blind and could not see, now they do see because you enabled them to do that.” For that, my life has been worth living!

Margaret McElroy

Advice and Guidance

I often receive email from readers of my blog or our radio show who feel they have the answers to the issues I experience, especially anything to do with my health. From the very beginning, my teacher, Maitreya, told me I would be taken care of with regard to my health and not to worry about it. He also informed me that I have a doctor who is looking after me from the world of Spirit and that energy would let me know if I need to see a doctor. I have nothing in my astrological natal (birth) chart in my house of health, or of work and service and I must state that, for most of my life, I have been very well and healthy. Apart from having my children, a small operation on a cyst many years ago, and a tonsillitis operation when I was eight years of age, that is the sum total of health issues I have experienced.

My grandson has a lot of health issues to deal with: visits to the hospital, leg casts every few months, and recently this year a big problem with his teeth – all because he does have issues in his house of health and healing. My granddaughter in the same family also has issues planetary wise in her sixth house of health and healing. Over the years I have come to be aware of when those in the world of Spirit require me to listen to them. Recently, a week before we left on our trip to Curacao, I had a small health problem and went into my astrology program to find out what was happening. Maitreya led me to this program in 1997, and since then it has been a valuable help to me when I have had health issues; most of them being stress or exhaustion related.


A few Things – Continued

In the beginning of my journey when I first traveled with Maitreya, it was no problem at all. However, over the years I have found it to be quite a strain. I need at least 3 days of seclusion to get over my journey, whether to Los Angeles or New York. I am so exhausted after the trip mainly because of being in the airport and absorbing lots of stress from people. This time we traveled to New York for 6 hours and then rode in a car another two and a half hours – eight and a half hours all together. People comment on how wonderful it is for us to travel as if it were glamorous or something special. If you are one who believes that, please come with me on my next journey and see how you feel at the end of it – totally exhausted!

As I write we are into the fourth full day after our arrival, and Alan and I are still tired. Traveling is certainly not a glamorous thing in any way. I would much rather stay home if I could and do what we need to do there. I even dread traveling for holidays. Our trip to Connecticut is a working visit and we have very little time for play, but in October we take a week’s vacation to switch off for a while and go to very beautiful holiday destination. But I find myself being hesitant to go now because of the travel and what we will experience during that time. So, my next job will be as a hotel designer and a “stay home permanently” person! Somehow though, I do not think it will happen – lol! It does me good to dream though; it helps me cope with all of the inconvenient hotel rooms like the one we are in now. I will not give you the name of the hotel, but I will be writing to the hotel chain and speaking my truth quietly and truthfully!