Vampires – Continued

As a child I was what is known as “hyperactive.” There is an illness known as “St. Vitus’ Dance” which exhibits itself as having restless legs and not being able to sit still. My mother was constantly asking me, “Do you have St. Vitus’ Dance?” Of course all I had was excess energy, so much that, because I was not channeling it, it manifested as excess movement. Since going into metaphysics I have learned an awful lot about energy and become aware of many things regarding energy that I did not know when I was younger. As I grew into my teens, I had migraine headaches, which again were a manifestation of the excess energy. It was not until I began to channel the energy into my work and later into the creative area (when I was not doing any spiritual or channeling work) that I found a perfect balance energy-wise.

I also realized that people were being drawn into my energy and would tell me all of their troubles and woes. They felt comfortable in my energy, they could feel the energy emitting from my being, and it was like a comforting balm, enabling them to unburden themselves. In the beginning I did not realize I was taking on their worries and problems. All I knew was that, after spending time with them, I had no energy and would often have to have a nap to recover from their presence. It actually took me a long while to realize they were actually taking my energy. Even when I began my metaphysical work I did not realize this; I just thought it was something I did. Of course I know different now and try hard to protect myself when I can. Why can’t I protect myself completely? Because my job is to take their stuff, listen to their woes and troubles, unburden them, lift them up so to speak. As Maitreya said to me once; “Only when you assist them, can they move forward vibrationally. You assist them to raise their consciousness. Once they were blind and now they can see.”