Lost Souls – Part 2 Continued

Thursday morning I was very tired after doing a day’s work after our return, but thought a day at home before the radio show would assist in helping me gain back energy as I felt so drained and tired. In my email that morning was one from a colleague at work who keeps an eye on this blog to let me know the blog ran out in two days’ time and I needed to do another. So I did a blog in the morning and then went in to do the radio show which I had to do on my own as Alan had gone away to his other job in Spokane. I did a lot of readings on air – which is also draining – but when I have energy, I am OK I also did an interview and a natal chart reading. After the show (and using all the energy –I had to do the radio show and other work) I could hardly walk. I was so drained. I realized for the first time that I had been running on my reserve energy and was now at the bottom of the barrel. I realized too late that I should never have gone into work on Wednesday but stayed home and rested all day and night.

Friday I woke up with, for me, the usual signs of energy starvation, a sore throat, flu-like symptoms (but I do not have the flu), very loose bowels, and feeling so sore all over that I feel as if I have done 15 rounds with a boxing champion. To make it worse, Alan came back from his trip to Spokane (where he had gone to work at his other company) as sore as I was, with mouth sores and extreme tiredness and exhaustion. We made a right pair I can tell you, and it is made worse because Alan has only just begun experiencing these symptoms whereas I have had them since connecting with Maitreya in 1992.