Advice and Guidance – Continued

Over the years every time I have experienced anything relating to new energy and have had physical symptoms with that energy, Spirit has given me information about it which has taken away any fear or doubt about the subject. It is wonderful now to be able to help my students and graduate students who are just beginning to experience such symptoms. Today I was communicating with a graduate student overseas via Skype, and we were discussing her physical symptoms – all of which are identical to the ones I experienced in my early channeling days. It was of great comfort to her to know what and why it was happening. I had nobody when I was going through it, only my intuition which, thankfully, was very acute, and I was able to connect with what Spirit was trying to tell me. None of my teachers could help me. I found some books written by early spiritualists such as Estelle Roberts, Ena Twigg, and others which spoke of their experiences. These books also helped me to understand, but, in the beginning it was a matter of letting go of any fear I had and then allowing the intuitive process to work.

When we have fear, we do not realize that we stop the flow of Spirit into our being. Therefore, what they are trying to give us intuitively, we cannot receive; the radio is switched off! It is such a blessing for me now to be able to explain to my graduate students and new students what is happening to their bodies and the experiences they are going through. Many people feel that spiritual development is about just going up in vibration but, there are health symptoms which go with this. If one does not know why this is happening, it can create the most abject fear.