Why Do I Not Speak Other Languages?

I have been asked many times, “Master, if you are the World Teacher, why do you not speak all the languages of the earth plane? Why in some cases do you need a translator?” This is a question which I am sure has puzzled many. I feel it necessary to communicate the reason why.

Because I am pure spiritual energy, I do not have the normal consciousness of a soul on the earth plane. I am one with what you know as God, or the Ultimate Being. That energy and we, the Masters, have no personality to speak of. We are pure energy. It does not mean that we have no identity but that we are not like the souls on the earth plane. Ascended beings are different energies. Because we are ascended, we cannot function on the earth plane unless we use a channel. That channel is trained and developed to take the force of our energy and to be the spokesperson for us. We have no vocabulary. In our spiritual world there are no words spoken because there are no physical bodies, just the essence of energy.

In order for us to “speak” on the earth plane, we need to use the vocabulary and subconscious/conscious memory of those who we channel through. This procedure takes many years of earth time to learn. Often, our channels have done this before in other incarnations, so it is easier for us to connect again. Until one is in the spiritual world, one cannot understand the workings of this procedure. We become one with our channels; we use their energy, they use ours. That is the reason why.


The Emotional (Astral) Body

“Master, how can I raise my vibration?” I am often asked. This can be done in many ways by removing blocks that you have set in this incarnation and others, and also in working to remove the emotional body. The emotional body is connected to the Self. There is nothing the Self likes more than a good drama. It can have this when it uses and triggers the emotional body and your emotions.  

When you think of how much energy you waste over the emotions, you will realize that you waste an awful lot of energy. That energy could be used in creating more energy in your own life to enable you to develop your spiritual energy more. Once you remove the emotions from the soul, there is a clear vision. One can see so much better the past, the present, and yes, the future. The Higher Self has no emotions. It is the observer; it knows the right way. It knows the path you are to take. It has been directed with that path from before you were born. When you remove the emotions you then become limitless because the Self has nothing to hold on to anymore. Let go of the emotions and the emotional body and you can fly! That is how you can raise your vibration.


Thought Energy – Continued

Often you have a thought about someone. You feel you want to communicate something, but cannot do this. You then set up an energy (thought) block in the throat chakra. Perhaps you are frightened to open the door to the spiritual part of you. You think about this but do not do it. You then create an energy (thought) block in the third eye or crown chakra.

To give an example of just two areas of blockage: Because it cannot be seen it stays there over earth time – often for many incarnations – becoming more and more angry because it cannot move. You have stopped it by not acting and allowing the created energy to flow. It then turns inwards trying to get back to its creator. But it cannot do this because it is not possible. It is of the spiritual, not the physical, and it needs a spiritual channel to remove it. It has been created; you cannot un-create it except by spiritual healing or divine intervention of some sort such as prayer. All thought is energy, and all energy has to move forward. Just like the human sperm of the male has only one purpose – and that is to fertilize the female – so energy as thought has only one purpose and that is to create what has been thought. Negative thoughts will create negative realities; positive thoughts will create positive realities.

That is how blockages are created. Only the Divine Energy of the spiritual realms can clear these blocks. Through your own bringing in of that energy (if you are not too heavily blocked with negative energy or through someone else such as a healer) the power of the spiritual energy can (if there is the right channel for that energy) shift the energy block and dissipate it until it does, in fact, return to where it came from, i.e.., Universal Energy. Removing this stagnant, negative energy then allows the spiritual body to vibrate at a higher rate (frequency) of vibration.


Abracadabra – Continued

The only good thing about those days was that I had found something I could really do and do well despite my making mistakes regularly. I loved doing what I was doing and, as I learned those early lessons I tried to make sure I did not keep repeating the lesson I had just learned. I see budding mediums and channels these days and I see their enthusiasm, but I also see the same vision I had in those early days that Spirit would say “abracadabra” and everything would happen to make my life perfect. It was far from perfect. The more I worked for them the more the saying “To thine own self be true” manifested.

The spiritual energy created a situation where I began to realize I was not happy. I went into denial of course – who would not – because to change things meant a complete change of life, moving away from everything I held dear. Of course, one cannot be unhappy and work for Spirit. The energy of Spirit just manifests what needs to be brought to the surface to be dealt with so much more. It is like being in front of a huge mirror and you are looking at yourself. I had run away from so much for so long and now Spirit was calling me to do something about it. I failed miserably. I did not realize either that I was stopping my own advancement by not being true to myself. I was in a really unhappy situation. Spirit gave me a way out, but I could not take it. Finally many years later I did take it, but if I had taken it when it was presented to me, I would have been so much better off and moved ahead so much quicker. But of course, like most people I chose the hard road!


Frostbite in Singapore?

Everyone looks at me as if I am crazy or just laughs when I tell them I got frostbite in Singapore. Alan and I have visited Singapore a number of times and everyone knows, well almost everyone knows (you can guarantee that someone will say they did not know), Singapore is a hot, humid country. How could anyone get frostbite in Singapore? Well, I did and I have the marks on the left leg to prove it. I have written before in newsletters and this blog about my deep-trance channeling and how in the beginning I questioned it. Was it me, the Self, or was it a spiritual energy? For most channels there is a period of time where they do question where the information is coming from until they can finally accept that it is coming from a source outside of themselves. I had such a battle with trance channeling. I cannot tell anyone what a battle it was for me. After the UN channeling, however, I finally accepted that I was definitely channeling.

A few weeks ago Alan, my husband, read the channeling I did at the UN (which is on the www.maitreya-edu.org website). After reading it, he said to me, “How could anyone question it? Nobody could write words like that.” For me to go into that session with no paper, pens, notes, etc., and to speak for 20 minutes like I did, he said was “Amazing.” Of course I know that now, but when I first channeled Maitreya I not only went through my own battle with channeling, but also, once I had accepted it, I was challenged again when I left my second marriage because my ex wrote to a lot of my friends and former students and told them I was channeling myself, not Maitreya. In other words, my ego had control!