Christmas 2

I stopped celebrating the Christian Christmas many years ago, but I do celebrate the holiday and look upon Christmas as a time to remember Christmas of times past – a time of memory. It is even more poignant for me this year because, after 25 or more years, I have found my brother – or should I say – he found me on Facebook. Not only did he find me on Facebook, but he also discovered Skype. We lost contact with each other all those years ago and have just reunited, spending long hours on Skype talking to each other. He is in Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia, and I am in Seattle, Washington, USA. The last two weeks have been spent with both of us saying, “Remember when?” and laughing at times ‘till we cried! More than anything, my brother has discovered Skype and he is amazed at how he can communicate using it. I told him about being able to see my grandchildren open their presents in Australia on Christmas Day and it only being Christmas Eve here in the USA.

For me it is a happy Christmas because I’m able to communicate with my brother, but for Alan it is a sad time as his family has split apart into two factions, and it means that this Christmas the gathering will be missing members of his family. His marital break-up six years ago caused the rift and, unfortunately, sides were taken – which has turned quite ugly. I know this is not an isolated incident and many thousands (if not millions) of families around the world will be spending the holidays the same way. One can ask, “But why does this happen?” Well, it is happening because people have free will and choice, and because we – as humanity – have not yet learned to let go of emotional detachment. We also judge others instead of accepting their choices and we hold anger inside of us for those who have created the issues such as those mentioned.


A Few Things – Continued

Our business is now settled in our new premises in Issaquah, Washington. Although a lot of our work is done via Skype around the world, we do have a nice facility for when people come to do courses or visit when traveling and, of course, for those who live locally. We are also very fortunate to have a wonderful rapport and networking situation with a business called “Spirit Journey” in Issaquah. Both of us recommend clients to each other and also complement each other with what we do. For instance, we do not do reflexology or certain kinds of readings such as palmistry. We also do not have the retail space we used to have, but Spirit Journey does. The courses we teach, they do not teach and vice versa. It is so wonderful to work with a business with no ego, only the desire to help each other with love and understanding of each other’s talents.

I remember when I moved to the Gold Coast of Queensland many years ago and my friends all said to me, “But there are clairvoyants all around the Gold Coast area.” I said to them that Spirit will send me the ones who need to see me, and they did. Not only did I get lots of work, but I also had a notice board where other readers/teachers/healers could put their cards to advertise themselves, and they in turn promoted my endeavors which were different from theirs. Working with Spirit Journey will enable those who come to our center for courses to go over there to buy books, crystals, jewelry and other items they sell. We do not have that facility anymore. I have no fear of them in any way, and they have no fear of us. Just like on the Gold Coast in Australia, Spirit will bring both of us what we need. I said on my sizzle reel that we cannot heal the world until we heal ourselves. I think it wonderful that both Danielle Moss and Spirit Journey will be compatriots (in a way) of us, and we of them. They have a wonderful newsletter which can be found online at If you are in the area of Issaquah, please call and come see us. You will find us at the Margaret M Center for Intuitive Arts, 14401 Issaquah-Hobart Rd. SE, Suite 303, Phone: (425) 270-3270.


Changing Patterns – Final Words

So what do you do if you feel like you need to change your patterns? I would suggest that the first thing you do is to find an astrologer who can help you understand the patterns which need changing. You may not realize it but you may have already worked a lot of them out. Many on the metaphysical path have done a lot of work on themselves, so there actually may not be as much as you think you need to do. Once you know the patterns, seek out people to help you: past-life therapists, people who work with flower essences, and other forms of healing. Recognize that it will not happen overnight and do be prepared to pay for the services. It is not a charitable thing. The people who will assist you will be professional people – experts in their field.

Remember that at our center we have past-life therapists who work with Skype, so the therapy sessions can be done from a distance, even overseas. Make a decision to do it and see it through. Many people start the process and then do not complete it because the Self gets to them and persuades them that other things are important, or the cost is too high, or other reasons which are excuses, not reasons. You are the one who has to make the decision; nobody else can make that decision for you.

Most people think there is an easy way out. There is not. It is a lifetime commitment, but the reward is so worth it. All those who work with you from our center will be 100% committed to you and will do all they can to help you. However, it is you who has to make the final decision and commitment. We cannot do it for you. Each person is different and will need different ways of assistance because not everyone is the same. Changing patterns is not easy, but it can be done, You just need to step forward and be counted. Spirit, then, can do the rest.

Going Back in Time – Final Words

Past-life issues are a difficult subject because one has to be on a higher rate of vibration to be able to believe or understand them. I do believe that, after 2012, we are going to see an increase – albeit slowly – in people wanting to know about past-life energy and issues. I am amazed at the number of people who come into our Center for past-life sessions. Years ago they would not have set foot in the door. The next time you are in a situation where you do not understand it, please think about having a past-life session. For those who wish to come into our Center and have a personal session, we have two associates, Jean Luo and Dennis Dossett. Both of them also do past-life sessions via Skype, and both are incredibly successful with it. With Skype there is no reason not to have a past-life session and relieve conflict and issues in one’s life. It definitely makes for a better understanding of a conflict situation.

We can only make the world a better place and conflict free if we understand the reasons why. I had no idea of the past-life issues between Alan and me until we were together for a few weeks and the issues began to surface. I began to experience fear when he was with me. I felt cowed and weak when he spoke to me. Thank goodness I understood past-life energy because it was so easy to find the answers. To begin with, Alan could not understand it, but finally – as his vibration raised – he began to see it and know it. His recall began also. In the case of Mary, so much upset could have been saved had she known the answers, but she did not know. We did a past-life energy session via Skype when it happened. It would have been so helpful to her had she known. Why not find out where any conflict in your life comes from?

Suffering – Last Words

I have always been able to see where a problem is with my clients and also have been given the metaphysical reason for this happening along with past-life issues. There are people who do this who are extremely talented, and we are very lucky to have people at our center who can work in helping people heal their inner/outer being. We have a wonderful medical intuitive in our center, Johnna Shyrack, along with hypnotherapist/past-life therapists, Jean Luo, and Dennis Dossett. Karen Dossett, Dennis’s wife, is a wonderful Bach Flower practitioner. Jean is also an astrologer.

We also have a healing dog, Baxter, who loves his role at our center and who takes pride in every healing he does. How does he heal? Just by being there and sitting by a person he will draw the old energy from them. Once the client has had their healing session with a practitioner and left the building it is not uncommon for Baxter to go outside and vomit up the etheric energy he has taken out of the person. Just like human healers, he needs days off to recover and get his energy back. On those days he stays home and just lies on the couch all day, very rarely eating. All of our practitioners can use Skype to help clients who do not live locally. Jean Luo has done quite a few past-life sessions around the world in Europe, Asia and other parts of the USA.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with these practitioners, you need to call the center at 425-644-3263 if you live locally, and if not call 1-888-644-3263. If you would like to email us you can do so by emailing any of the practitioners through the website. You can also view their profiles and skills on that website. The wonderful thing is that we do not have to suffer. Once we know where the situation we are suffering with comes from, we can let it go and move on. As one who has done that for over 27 years, I am so very glad I did so.