Silence – Continued

Sitting in silence does not mean that one has to become like a Buddhist monk or nun. Those souls make a choice to experience that lifestyle and meditate in that way. For you though, just be in silence. You can read a book, or do something in the home. Go for a walk, but it has to be in silence, talking to no one and listening to what comes into the consciousness from the soul. As earth time passes, you will find that your soul starts to speak to you, informing you of what is necessary for your growth. If you have no fear and allow the messages to come, you will be the recipient of much healing within yourself.

When one sits still in silence for the first time, the Self becomes impatient and will probably want to move around or try to talk to you. Ignore this. Concentrate on a beautiful scene such as walking in a forest of pine trees, cool and refreshing on a hot summer afternoon. Or a lake with a boat, and you in the boat sailing to an island where there is total peace. Make your own scene where you can be still and silent. By doing this on a daily basis one can finally listen to the soul.



Why are you afraid of silence? You live in a world filled with noise; there is very little quiet in your lives. In silence you can listen to the soul. In silence you can speak to God. This does not mean that you have to sit in silence, stiff and upright. No, it means that you need to be aware of the quiet and not be afraid of it.

When you are quiet you really do have to look at issues around you. If you are on a spiritual path it is a time for the soul to show you what needs to be looked at. It may be vanity, anger, frustration, or ego to name a few. When you are silent, you can see these in their full glory.

My channel had a friend once who would not be still. She found something to do each and every minute of every earth day. She wanted to be spiritual, yet she would not take any time for contemplation or to sit quietly and let the soul speak to her. One day she became very ill, so ill that she was forced to go to bed. She could not move for days and during this time she was in silence most of the time. In the silence her soul spoke to her. This created a healing within her that lasted for many days – more than she anticipated. She experienced anger, pain, hurt, frustration, but for her it was a cleansing, freeing her body of trapped negative energy. She cried the tears of healing. Each day now she takes thirty earth minutes to sit in silence and to listen to her soul. She knows that, if she does not, she could be forced to do so again, just like before.


Judgment and Criticism – Continued

The interesting thing is the fact that there was a time I could not bear to be alone! I had to be surrounded by people and things. I had to be busy all day long; I could not sit still and be quiet like I do now. The chatter from my Self was constant. I actually have spaces now in my brain. Nobody talks internally to me anymore and it is so quiet inside of me! It is as if I am in my own little bubble, and the only time I find myself having problems – especially with criticism and judgment – is when I am with other people. As an empath, I take on everyone’s emotions and feelings, including their judgment and critical views. I love the quiet, and strive to have it more and more.

I am lucky in that I have a beautiful home that Maitreya found for me with a creek within viewing distance of the kitchen window. Birds come to feed at the feeders all day, my family (my cat) sits with me all day absorbing the energy of my Master, and he loves it. The area I live in is so quiet despite there being a main road just across the street. With the silence of the house and the silence in my own head, I am indeed in absolute bliss. It is getting to the point where I no longer wish to speak to anyone. I shop on-line so that I do not have to visit shops and usually go to the supermarket at 9 pm in the evening on the way home from the radio show because it is quiet then and there are hardly any people in the store. I would never in a million years have thought I would be like this, but I am and I love it. I am not tempted by other people’s feelings, ideas or thoughts then.