A Few Things

As I write this blog I am in Connecticut doing the filming for the pilot of our TV show. I have been overwhelmed at how it has all come about and fallen into place, and by the amazing professional people who are helping with this project. All of the crew have an understanding of metaphysics, so there is no clash of ideals on the set. I have been doing film and TV for many years now and for me it is second nature – even to the sitting around which is a part of every shoot one does with a crew. Cameras have to be set up, sets have to be put in place, and in-between one might get to do a bit of filming or discuss future filming.

As I said, I am so used to it, and we know we have an amazing show ready to go. For me, though, the filming is no problem. My problem lies in the fact that I mostly have to leave home and stay in hotels. If I do come back in another life I want to be a hotel designer! All over the world I think I have only had a couple of hotel rooms which have been perfect in every way. Most of them leave a lot to be desired.

Our first hotel room here in Connecticut could really be called the hotel room from hell! It was just terrible. From the shower bath (which I could not fit into because it was so small even Alan had problems, and he is not big like me) to the toilet seat (which had a bottom and top that did not fit well, when one sat down on it, the seat moved and for some reason trapped the thigh no matter how big or small you are). The water pressure in the bathroom was so noisy it frightened even Spirit! LOL. They did move us the following day, but the new room only had a double bed, and Alan had to sleep on a cot bed on the floor. Within 12 hours after moving into that room the wardrobe (which was a rack coming out of the wall) fell off the wall, so clothes then had to be put on the shower rail. We now have a luggage cart as the wardrobe in our room! They have offered us another room with a king-sized bed which will be available on Wednesday, but we have decided we will cope with what we have until we return home – about a week away. We just could not cope with moving again.


Change – Continued

In the past I have not taken to change very easy. My Cancer-sign Mid-heaven has created many problems for me with moving from one place to another in this life. I have had so many moves and I thought this change would also be a problem for me, but so far it has not been so. I cannot wait. Mind you, I feel we are moving into a whole new energy and also a whole new beginning. At present we have 7,000 square feet and half of that we do not use. Our new premises are approximately 3,500 square feet. At present, in order for me to visit some staff it is like going a long distance to see them. In the new space I will be able to see them at close range and will not have to walk so far to see them either.

We will also be doing more in the film and communications area. A few people have written and asked me recently about the TV show we planned doing last year and whether we are still intent on doing that. I am thrilled to be able to say, “Yes.” We are definitely going ahead with it and we have some amazing people in TV and production who are helping us – all of them sent by Maitreya. It is at high speed for early next year, so watch this space!

We are creating a new business in advertising via digital means for those who want to have an inexpensive way of advertising their business. We will, of course, still do our healing and readings in our offices and treatment rooms. We will have a completely separate seminar area and a teaching room for small gatherings. The energy of the new Center, as I have said, is amazing and, once we get our move over with, it will be a beautiful place to work from.


Questions and Answers – Final Chapter

We really cannot run away from our lessons. They keep coming in front of us time after time, incarnation after incarnation. I remember as a child – despite not knowing about reincarnation at that time – saying to people, “I am not coming back after this lifetime.” Of course, I had no idea of my future then and certainly no idea of what I would have to go through and how hard it would be. Someone told me the other day that I am a very strong woman and I replied, “Not strong. Stubborn and determined that people are not going to comment on my reluctance to go forward.” At the end of my life I do not want to feel I have to come back because I have not fulfilled my destiny. It is that issue that just kept me putting one foot in front of another. As each layer came up and was cleared away from each subject I needed to learn from, it got easier to deal with. I have cried a million or more tears over the years and cursed Spirit so much (yes!) when they have placed me in difficult situations to clear things (like the 6:00 PM news in New Zealand), but I am so glad they did now.

I was recently talking to someone about the TV show and what people would say about me with regard to the work I am doing, and she said, “They will say this is a fraud.” Interestingly enough as part of my learning, for the last few years Spirit has enabled me and guided me to buy the magazines with all the gossip in them. It took me a long time to realize I was buying the magazines to see how people are ridiculed, written about in quite negative ways, and have stories made up about them. I said to Alan, “I wonder how long it will be before they are writing that you and I are splitting up?” We both laughed. Of course, that will be another learning experience when that happens. LOL!

Questions and Answers – Continued

I definitely feel it was worth it though because I could not be going where I am now with the fear I had inside of me and also the lack of confidence I had about myself and my ability. Maitreya told me a few days ago that, had I not accomplished what I have, I would not have been able to have done the TV show. I asked him what would have happened then, and he said it would never have come into my energy; another chance for Spirit to move forward would have been lost. Phew! That was a lot to realize. I was so glad I had done it, I really was.

Each one of us has come to work on our issues, whether from another life or lessons we have chosen to refine in this life. We have a Guardian spirit who is there to lead us into the lessons we have chosen to learn and the people we have chosen to learn them with. We also have Guides and Helpers who assist the Guardian spirit to fulfill those lessons.

I have written before about how, after a weekend away, my Guardian led me to leave to go home later than planned. This enabled me to meet a certain woman who turned out to be the cousin of a man I had chosen to finish a relationship with a few months earlier. She connected me with him again, and I married him six weeks later. Thankfully, at that time I listened to my intuition and followed it. I was then back on target to fulfill my destiny with him. I have often wondered what would have happened if I had not listened and it never happened? I am sure the Universe and my Guardian spirit would have set up another experience with someone else, because it is not the person who is important but the lesson.


Questions and Answers – Continued

I have had some students who, when the Self has come in and sabotaged them, have made the choice not to go on with their study. The power of the Self and fear is so strong. The Self is an expert in bringing up the fear and often has hidden away pockets of fear for the future so that, even when one has dealt with one’s issues, there will be something it can bring out if it needs it. It is not easy as we pull back the layers of past-life and present-life issues to cope with.

My worst year for me was in 1998. It was a horrible year. I faced some pretty horrific fears which I had created in a past life. Maitreya told me it was not easy watching me go through that experience. I set it up for myself right down to having a daily paper delivered where every single day I had to see my actions – which brought out even more fear.

This was to do with something I have written about in my book, Born To Be A Channel, where I had to face my fear on the 6:00 PM news as the lead story. By this time I had already faced so much fear since connecting with Maitreya, and this would not be the last experience either. It just kept going after this experience and, like my graduate student, I remember asking at the time, “When will this end?” It was to be another 11 years before it got to a level where I could actually say it was mostly over. But now, of course, with the TV show I am facing new challenges. Hopefully there will be no fear anymore, but I cannot say “No” definitely to that as I have only just walked through the door to the new experience.