Recently my channel was asked about the subject of gambling. The question was, “Did she not feel it is wrong because the money she wins is the money from people losing?” This is an interesting question because there is no right or wrong. Everything is there for a learning experience. There are those who are learning either through their addictions or their loss at a casino. It is their life lesson to do this. Perhaps they were a gambler in a past life and need to let go of an addiction. In this incarnation, they choose to go through the experience of gambling to enable them to let go of it.

There is no “loss” because the money they lose enables them to let go of their problem. As such, it becomes a bonus! My channel has let go of all of her fears and insecurities and thus not only believes in abundance and manifests it, she finds it very easy to win it. This is our bonus to her for her hard work and dedication to our work. There is one more thing also. While she is spending time at the casino, she is able to completely switch-off from her metaphysical work. She has such a high vibration that she finds it very hard to switch-off from communication with us. At the casino, her concentration on the machines enables her to close-down from us and our communications for a short period of earth time, hence giving her respite from us. The higher in vibration one goes, the harder it is to switch-off from us. One literally has one foot in your world and one foot in ours. Everything is perfect and as it should be. There is no right or wrong – just karma and life in action.


Interesting Stuff – Continued

Maitreya has always said that each man has their own truth and that there is no wrong or right way. But on further investigation, if one’s truth does any harm to another then, yes, there is a wrong way. I believe that Hitler’s truth was not the right truth and that he had the choice to go another way, but he chose not to do that. The power of group energy is so amazing, and if used in a manipulative way, it can be very dangerous. On the earth plane today there are many people whose thought patterns (within a group setting) have the ability to affect the lives of many, often stopping the natural rhythm of how things should be. If each one of us kept our own thoughts to ourselves and did not impinge on another’s thoughts, it would be wonderful, but we do not. We cannot seem to function without using the energy of others.

What do I mean? For instance, when we feel to do something and go to others and ask, “What do you think I should do?” we go outside of our own intuitive process and use that of another – which, by the way may be their truth but, of course, it is not our truth. However, we do not trust our own intuitive process and so are led to believe the “truth” of others. I used to be one of those people 30 years ago. I did not trust my own intuition and, to be honest, lost a lot of wonderful opportunities because I could not do that. I would sooner listen to anyone else than myself. I was watching a TV game show the other night and a woman had to choose a particular number to win a car. She said her number (which was a number called out by her family in the audience) and lost. When the host told her what number it was, she told him she had been given that number at the beginning but did not trust herself. You could see her disappointment as she walked away with nothing when, of course, she could have had the car.



When you are in charge of your own life, the energy can flow to help you. Yet too many of you still try to control not only your lives, but also the lives of others. Why do you do this? You do it because you are afraid to let go. You feel that you can be the other person. You do not realize that by controlling, or trying to control, another you take away their right to individual choice. In so many subtle ways, humanity feels the need to interfere in others’ lives. You each have individual choices; you each have your own destiny. When another lives that destiny for you, you stop the growth of your soul.

Even a child should be given the opportunity to make choices. It may not be your choice, but it is their choice. A child who makes a choice in their life becomes more mature and can handle life a lot better than a child who is told what to do. Parents are there as a guide to help the child in its path. Parents should not live the child’s life for it. If they do this, they take away a basic freedom and stop spiritual growth. If a choice is made that could cause the child harm, this should be pointed out to the child, but the child still has to learn and perhaps through the experience of this, will learn a valuable lesson.

Husbands try to control wives; friends try to control friends. When each of you takes control of your own life and does not interfere in another’s, each one of you can grow in spirituality and fulfill your own destiny without interference. I am often asked, “Master, why do I have to keep coming back in incarnation?” I say to these people, “When you stop influencing another and stop interfering in others’ lives, then you will stop the process that keeps you coming back.” It is as simple as that.



There is much discussion in the world today about what is right and wrong with regard to sexuality. There is so much fear and guilt about having a desire for the same-sex person. Many consider this an abomination. Why do they do this? They do so because they do not understand the meaning of love, and they also are conditioned with thousands of years of belief that humanity should be male and female.

How do you know that what is written is true? Many quote the scriptures from many years ago, but how do you know that this is truth? You do not, yet because of the power of belief, fear is generated by being different. Many souls returning to the earth plane and preferring a partner of the same sex have often had that partner in a past life as the opposite sex. Many years ago, my channel met a woman who was a lovely soul. This woman came to love my channel, but because of her conditioning at that time, my channel ran away. How many of you have run away from a similar situation? Why do you run? You run because you fear. You fear because you do not understand your feelings, and because society says it is wrong. It is not wrong. Yes, a woman was designed for childbirth and the male for seeding, but the human body was also designed for pleasure, and how that pleasure is enjoyed is the responsibility of each individual soul, no soul should judge another because of their differences.

When you judge another, you become the judge and jury, yet how do you know that was not you in a past life or will be in a future life? For those who choose a partner of the same sex. Let go of your fear, let go of your loathing of yourself. Honor yourself in your uniqueness. Release the guilt. Enjoy your difference, for you are truly free. You have stepped outside the boundaries of conditioning. Once you free yourself, then you can truly be individual, for you truly know love and do not limit it to one sex. If you are one who prefers the opposite sex, then so be it. Enjoy that experience too, but do not condemn another for their choice. How do you know that your choice is right? You do not. Only conditioning makes it this way. The only truth is the now, all that has happened in the past is of the past – irrelevant. Let go of the persecution of yourself. Do not waste energy on debating or thinking what is right or wrong, for there is no such thing, only choice.


You Cannot Take Anything With You

As I channel this information, the earth plane is in turmoil in certain parts of the world with war and fighting. The war is based on either religion or land. What the souls involved in these actions do not realize is that, when they pass into the spiritual realms – after they are dead physically, they can take nothing with them. What is the point of fighting for land, fighting because one’s belief is not the same as yours when, in the final outcome, the land will never be yours? The people will never believe what you believe. Each soul has its own personal beliefs because every soul is an individual. Humanity spends years of earth time fighting against what they feel they believe is wrong, but what is wrong? No soul has the answer.

I wrote in a previous message that each man has his own truth. The war in the middle east of the world has been going on for centuries. Land is won; land is lost. A piece of dirt belongs to one country and then it is taken back and belongs to another – all in the name of religion, greed, or ego. What a waste of energy, yet they cannot see that it is a waste of energy.

It is time for humanity to understand that you come into this world – this earth plane – with nothing. You leave with nothing. What you have in between birth and death is there to use, on loan so to speak for your incarnation. It can either be used in a positive way, or it can be used in a negative way. You choose! Let the choosing be in peace and productive endeavors, not for war, ego, greed, fear or any other negative emotion. It is time to stop the war, stop the killing, stop the greed, and understand that all that you fight for, all that you argue over is not taken with you when you return home to the spiritual world. What is taken back with you is the negative actions you have used. The re-action to that is karma which needs to be repaid.

Many souls say, “Why do I suffer in my life?” We in Spirit say at that time, “Look at your past actions!”