The Presence of Spirit – Continued

Before we went overseas, I received in the mail an invitation from a casino I visit for a dinner for all customers with birthdays in October. Not only that, but there was the opportunity to win cash prizes at the dinner. This was on the Tuesday following our arrival home on Saturday. I really thought I would be well enough by then to attend. However, I was not able to, and boy, did my Self let me have it! My Higher Self chose not to attend because of having diarrhea and still clearing. I planned to go a few days later and have some fun, but again I had to cancel. I was not, as they say, a happy camper as the clearing work seemed to go on and on. This was the longest I have ever spent clearing – apart from when I was teaching my Masters courses 5 years ago. I finally ventured out exactly one week from when we came home.

During the afternoon of having some fun, I managed to walk out of the casino with over $3,000. As I was watching the slot machine that I had chosen give me a jackpot (and also another, even larger amount), I became aware that this was a reward for the hard work I had been witness to during the week. Not only that, it was their way of letting me know that they cared and were supporting me in what I had been through. The next day someone wrote me and asked if I was ever aware of Spirit in my life; did I “feel” them? I wrote back to the person and said that, “Yes, I do feel them. I feel them each time I do something that really takes an enormous amount of energy from me” and how they always let me know that they are grateful for what I do. It is not always what I take, but also what people do to me.


Decisions – Continued

Astrology is far more than a monthly or weekly horoscope. When used as a tool to help us in our lives, it can be so effective in helping us not only to make decisions, but also to let go of the emotional energy which decisions bring to us. Any astrologer can tell you if something is meant to be, or if the energy is there to make it happen.

Sometimes we have to wait for what we want to happen, as is shown in the previous blog about the author and her book. I remember once being told by an intuitive friend that I was going to do something, but it never happened. So I visited another clairvoyant friend who told me it would not happen for two years and that I was in a “holding pattern.” I was not very happy with that at all – I already felt that I had waited a long time for it to happen. I did wait the two years and it paid off, but the wait seemed like forever.

Our life is already mapped out. So many of us though never even walk on the path we have chosen to take before we were born. We get waylaid by the emotions, other people, fear, and so many other things. For me, I am not sorry I did what I did. Yes, some people had to learn some hard lessons, but they did so and they coped so admirably. I remember after the accident my ex-manager writing to me and telling me she did not think she could cope. But boy, did she do well and is still doing well. She is not out of the woods yet, and it will be a tough year for her with Saturn in the 2nd house of her chart, but if she does get through and fights her fears, Saturn will reward her for doing so. For being so determined and not giving in, I know she will get that reward.


Judgment and Criticism – Continued

If the channel is a good one, they will attempt to help you change the energy, but not with criticism, judgment, or trying to control you. Free will should be there at all times. They should not manipulate you and be compassionate to your circumstances. When Maitreya tells me to help a soul I do so, even though it means I will not get one cent for giving that energy. I do it because he knows they need help desperately. I would probably be an extremely wealthy woman today if I had been paid for all the services I have given for free.

Maitreya always tells me those people; I do not choose them myself. The interesting thing is that when I do that – give a service for no charge – something usually happens to repay me anyway. It is strange when once I let go of the monetary issue, the Universe rewards. Of course, that is then when you meet or find your Master. Your Self comes in, gives excuses not to attend class, quotes past experiences – it will do anything it can to stop you.

Even physically try to stop you, like with me when I was going for a session of healing in Brisbane, Australia, with a healer who channeled a Master. My Self wanted nothing to do with my being healed. It was happy with me being as miserable as I was. The healer/Master told me my Self would do all it could to stop me, and it did. It created a huge panic attack just before we got into Brisbane Central Station, and it was so severe that I was paralyzed in the legs on the platform at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the street. I cannot remember now who helped me up those stairs, but someone did.