Going Back in Time – Continued

The reason I say “whatever love is,” is because nobody can really define love. For women it is romantic, poetic, and a fairy tale. Very few men – perhaps 80% of men – really do not “love.” Men are designed to procreate, and for them the lovey dovey of “love” is sometimes non-existent. They just need to release, and love for them is not important. What is important is the release, and many men will use women to get that release. Women, of course, love the touching, holding, kissing etc. and do not realize that often the man they are with does not feel the same. Some men will say anything to get that release.

Neither Alan nor I are under the influence of whatever love is. We have a great personal friendship – an intimate relationship – but there is also an energy between the two of us which holds us together. Alan is the most wonderful, caring man I could ever wish for. My ex-husband was a caring man, but his heart was closed off, and it was purely a business relationship with occasional personal intimacy included. Although I had a lot of past-life energy to work out with Alan, it never took away that special feeling we have together. He is the most wonderful husband – attentive, caring, affectionate, and understanding. More than anything, he understands the work I do and has joined with me in it. I have a friend, brother, and lover all rolled into one, and sometimes even someone to advise me because I do not always have Maitreya near me to talk to about things, and it helps to be able to share with someone one’s ambitions and ideas. Astrologically also we are destined to be together. I believe Spirit saved the best until last, but a friend of mine said it is because Margaret has grown up and does not waste energy any more on mundane emotional issues. Whatever it is it works, and I know deep within myself that there is no other husband or other man for me in my life.


Raising The Vibration 2 – Continued

Today, in my life, I find myself very isolated because I just cannot be around people who are tense, stressed, in fear, or other such emotions. Although I can detach, I take on their issues into my own body. Maitreya has told me that my job is to be a negative clearinghouse. He also said that, if I do not do it, then people cannot release it. Just as I used to cry for people and still do, I now take on their conditions emotionally at the same time.

I recently had to work with someone who had a lot of fear, stress, and insecurity about there own talents. I found it so very hard to do and, at the end of the day, would go back to where we were staying and often cry and release all of the stuff I had picked up. Ironically there was one day the person was not there, and that day was like a breath of fresh air – a totally different experience. This person has an amazing talent, but has not yet released feelings that they have inside. I know those feelings are stopping them from moving forward, but until they are ready to do so, I cannot help them.

The person who asked me the original question also asked me how I am able to go to a casino and be there for a few hours without it affecting me, with my being so sensitive. It is very simple to answer. Everyone at the casino is occupied. If they do have worries, they are not thinking about them, and everyone is having fun. I do take on some conditions and can come home and cry, but it is very rare that happens. Also, the casinos I go to are not seedy places, but very bright places with water features –Feng Shui-wise – to help allay negative conditions.


Raising the Vibration 2 – Continued

Maitreya told me that, the more I raised my vibration (in other words the more I released the fear, doubt, worry, concerns, old programming – most of it put there by family and life experiences – from within me) the more sensitive I would become. At that time I could not imagine it being any worse, but it did become worse – but not in an unpleasant way. He taught me to detach emotionally, which is something I had not been able to do in many incarnations. He told me that fear stopped detachment and that, once we release the fear, we can then detach and look in as a spectator. I found this an amazing experience to go through, to be able to look into a situation without getting emotionally involved. I was, of course, still releasing people’s emotions through crying on a regular basis, but when I was confronted with an emotional situation myself, I found that I was able to detach emotionally and look into the situation and see it was not as frightening as it had originally seemed.

As the years passed I did this more and more. My biggest moment of awareness of this was when I did the UN channeling in New York in 1999. This was, in effect, my last big issue and being able to detach certainly enabled me to do it. I could not have done it without being as detached as I was. I had to detach. The group I was speaking to had invited guests in the past such as Marianne Williamson, Kryon, and other such well-known metaphysical people. I was an unknown from New Zealand at that time. It was terrifying for me at the time, but being detached helped me do it. It was another milestone in raising my vibration and, once again, I became more intuitive and more sensitive.


Raising The Vibration 2 – Continued

I have said before that I cannot believe how much negative and old, stale energy I had inside of me, never mind the fear. I honestly believe that, had I not had Maitreya to help me with this, I would have never have released it. As time passed though, and I became more confident of my abilities, I then began to realize I was becoming more sensitive. There is no actual timing I can remember, but it was just a growing awareness along the way. I think it was when I began to do readings in which I could connect with a soul on the other side who was communicating. It was as if I became them, with all of their prior earth-bound conditions, or when I looked at a photograph of a person and became that person and was able to describe them to family and friends with all of their personality traits and energy.

I became incredibly empathic and it got to the point eventually where I could do it on radio without seeing the person; I just had to tune into their energy to know them intimately. My first radio experience of this was in 1993, so I suppose from 1985 – 1993 it was 8 years before I really began to become extremely sensitive and empathic. The person who asked me about raising the vibration asked me if this experience frightened me, and to be honest it did. I would be so amazed at what came out of my mouth when I was giving a reading. People walked away in awe and shock and, at the end of the reading, I would be the same. I also found that if clients could not release emotion, I would release it for them. It was nothing for me to break down and cry in the middle of a reading, because the client could not release the emotion. I was already doing it for husband number two because he could not release, then it transferred itself to my clients also.




What is depression? It is the body’s way of dealing with change, buried emotion, and stress. It is quite normal to be depressed, and when one is depressed one should try to ride it through. The human body is used to having one way of doing things. When change comes, it can create a huge turmoil in the physical body. The same is true with buried emotions. The body has to cope as the emotion comes to the surface. Often there is a need to cry, but this is suppressed because it is not “normal.” The body has periods of time when it is overloaded with stress, but the person feels they are invincible and just keeps pushing themselves. Then one day they have to stop, and the body goes into complete and utter chaos. This also can cause depression because the old way is not being followed. You are in a state of change, but the body does not know how to cope.

When depression comes into your life do not fear it. It is there to make you look at your life and the way you are. Ask Spirit to help you find the answers. If you ask you will find them. Allow whatever is in there to come out, whether emotion (anger, frustration, fear etc.), stress, or just release. Do not fear it, for it is meant to help you cleanse away something that is no longer needed. If drugs are used to help the depression, then also seek the help of someone who can help you find the cause. You can find natural sources to help you also. It is nature’s way of cleansing. Remember that.