A Few Things – Continued

Our business is now settled in our new premises in Issaquah, Washington. Although a lot of our work is done via Skype around the world, we do have a nice facility for when people come to do courses or visit when traveling and, of course, for those who live locally. We are also very fortunate to have a wonderful rapport and networking situation with a business called “Spirit Journey” in Issaquah. Both of us recommend clients to each other and also complement each other with what we do. For instance, we do not do reflexology or certain kinds of readings such as palmistry. We also do not have the retail space we used to have, but Spirit Journey does. The courses we teach, they do not teach and vice versa. It is so wonderful to work with a business with no ego, only the desire to help each other with love and understanding of each other’s talents.

I remember when I moved to the Gold Coast of Queensland many years ago and my friends all said to me, “But there are clairvoyants all around the Gold Coast area.” I said to them that Spirit will send me the ones who need to see me, and they did. Not only did I get lots of work, but I also had a notice board where other readers/teachers/healers could put their cards to advertise themselves, and they in turn promoted my endeavors which were different from theirs. Working with Spirit Journey will enable those who come to our center for courses to go over there to buy books, crystals, jewelry and other items they sell. We do not have that facility anymore. I have no fear of them in any way, and they have no fear of us. Just like on the Gold Coast in Australia, Spirit will bring both of us what we need. I said on my sizzle reel that we cannot heal the world until we heal ourselves. I think it wonderful that both Danielle Moss and Spirit Journey will be compatriots (in a way) of us, and we of them. They have a wonderful newsletter which can be found online at www.spiritjourney.com. If you are in the area of Issaquah, please call and come see us. You will find us at the Margaret M Center for Intuitive Arts, 14401 Issaquah-Hobart Rd. SE, Suite 303, Phone: (425) 270-3270.