Anger (by Djwhal Khul)

By Djwhal Khul – The Tibetan Master

Guest of the Master Maitreya

I wish to write on the subject of anger and what it is doing to humanity in general. As you can see it is becoming very destructive in its expression. Why is this happening? What can we do to lessen it or reduce it?

The night after a particular high school shooting (in Littleton, Denver, Colorado USA, April 1999) where a number of young people died and passed away from the earth plane, I took my disciple and blended his consciousness with the main person responsible for what happened. I might say that he found the experience very unpleasant, indeed. He felt and thought what the young men were feeling and thinking at the time of the killings. After coming back from the astral plane into his physical body and waking up, he felt very sick and it took him some time to come to grips with what he experienced while out of the body. As his teacher, I asked him what his thoughts were now that he knew what went on in the minds of the killers. He had just one answer: “Anger!” – anger to an almost unbelievable level.

Where does this anger come from that a lot of people around the world are experiencing? Why is it so destructive? For a start, a lot of anger that people feel does not come from this incarnation at all. It comes from many past lives – past lives where things have gone wrong and anger is felt but not dealt with. After all, anger is a negative energy, and energy cannot be destroyed; it can only be transmuted, the best way of all being into Love. So there are millions of people living on the earth plane at this time who have vast amounts of anger from past lives that has not been dealt with and transmuted. It only takes something small to trigger this past-life negative energy, and rage is the result.

For instance someone may be driving along the road quite happily, feeling not too bad, except perhaps a little stressed out. Another driver who is having a rather difficult day cuts in front of our driver causing him to brake hard, or maybe even clip his car. This minor happening could easily cause what you call road rage in a driver who hadn’t dealt with his anger in past lives. The road rage that a driver displays is only stored up negative energy that has suddenly found an outlet. Road rage and other negative outbursts – or temper – will continue to be displayed in a person until he has dealt with all his negative energy, whether it is from past incarnations, the present life, or both.


Questions and Answers – Continued

I have had some students who, when the Self has come in and sabotaged them, have made the choice not to go on with their study. The power of the Self and fear is so strong. The Self is an expert in bringing up the fear and often has hidden away pockets of fear for the future so that, even when one has dealt with one’s issues, there will be something it can bring out if it needs it. It is not easy as we pull back the layers of past-life and present-life issues to cope with.

My worst year for me was in 1998. It was a horrible year. I faced some pretty horrific fears which I had created in a past life. Maitreya told me it was not easy watching me go through that experience. I set it up for myself right down to having a daily paper delivered where every single day I had to see my actions – which brought out even more fear.

This was to do with something I have written about in my book, Born To Be A Channel, where I had to face my fear on the 6:00 PM news as the lead story. By this time I had already faced so much fear since connecting with Maitreya, and this would not be the last experience either. It just kept going after this experience and, like my graduate student, I remember asking at the time, “When will this end?” It was to be another 11 years before it got to a level where I could actually say it was mostly over. But now, of course, with the TV show I am facing new challenges. Hopefully there will be no fear anymore, but I cannot say “No” definitely to that as I have only just walked through the door to the new experience.