A Long Way – Continued

One person who really went through a very bad time – even using her gift – was a woman named Rosemary Brown. She was a channel for the pianists Chopin, Beethoven, Liszt, and Schubert, plus many other famous composers from the past. This non-assuming woman was a mother of two children and a widow (in those days a very poor living if one did not work). She was a “dinner lady” at a local school. In other words she cooked dinner for school children each day, and her only musical training was basic piano which enabled her to teach the basic skills of the piano. When she was discovered, all sorts of things were offered to her – fame, success – and yet she was let down so many times. She was ridiculed by those in the music world, tested endlessly by different people, and hardly earned any money from it at all. Yet she never gave up and believed she was channeling the composers who she claimed came into her home and sat by her piano while they taught her new music or finished off unfinished pieces started before they died.

Then there were others such as Estelle Roberts who, with her guide, filled the Albert Hall in London. She also suffered from a lot of ridicule before she made it. Helen Duncan died after police raided a séance where she was channeling. The police shook her while she was in deep trance. Just the thought of it upsets me greatly because I know how dangerous it is for me when I am in a deep state of trance. I cannot imagine what it would be like to be shaken and woken up from that state.

Jane Roberts was one of those who began to deep-trance channel Seth (an energy she worked with). I often ask people if they know of her, but not many people do these days, which is a shame as she wrote some wonderful books on early channeling.


Lost Souls – Part 2 Continued

So to the viewer who wrote and asked, I hope you gained an education from what I have written in this blog. It is not easy taking souls over and it can, as I said, be very exhausting, but to have a soul like the one from the Arizona say, “Thanks, Lady” means everything to me. He did not know who I am; he just saw the Light, was led to the Light, and then knew he was going through my body. Some do not even know they are going through a body.

I have always taken them through the body from day one. Others just help them toward the Light. In our previous house we had a vortex in our lounge room (where Alan’s piano was) where souls would come in and be taken home. We had 8 fountains in the house, and the fountains provided the water (along with our energy) for the souls to go home. We had some wonderful experiences, as did others who came to the house, which I am writing about in my next book, Stories Along The Way – Book 2. Vortexes are very strong spiritual areas where Spirit can take souls home. Some souls like me though, actually take them through the body.

Not many people know that when they die they actually leave their body from inside their own body. They leave through their crown chakra at the crown of the head. It is amazing to see the energy leave if one can see it. People often ask me, “How can you see this?” To do this, one needs to raise one’s vibration. The negative energy of fear, doubt, low confidence/self-esteem, and other emotions stops the person from seeing anything on a spiritual level. However, as one does raise their vibration, one can open up the intuition and actually begin to see things such as auras. It also depends on what level of consciousness you come in on in this life.