Differences – Continued

Why do we have difficulty with the differences between people? A lot of it is from childhood. Some of it is a form of control; we have no control when people are different from us. We cannot control them (subconsciously that is) while they are different. I remember in the early days noticing that Alan liked cottage cheese – he ate a lot of it. Even though it turned my stomach, he liked it. I could not understand why he liked it. It is bland and tasteless as far as I am concerned, yet he would wolf it down as if it was the finest rib-eye steak! Yuk! was my reaction, yet now I can watch him eat it without any comment or emotion at all.

Even twins have their differences. We were meant to be different. Can you imagine if we all ate the same food in the same way? Our differences make us who we are. We are unique individuals, but for the majority of us (unless we can move beyond it), these differences can be a source of frustration that our partner, mother, friend etc., can be the way they are with their issues over things and foods.

Maitreya has said that, until we can accept the differences in each other, we can never have peace, and I have to be honest and state that I do wonder if we can ever do that. We are so diverse in our energies, so set in our ways sometimes. If one has raised one’s vibration/consciousness and is on the metaphysical path, it can be easier as we learn not to give energy to such trivial things. But what if one has not raised one’s vibration/consciousness? The Photon Energy is enabling many souls on the earth plane to do just that, and many are. But what about those who are entrenched in their religious faith and will not change? Maitreya has said that it will take time, but we are moving forward and are better than we were. There will be more and more souls on the earth plane who will change over the next few years, and he said that, eventually, we will become more tolerant of each other.


2011 – Continued

As the world becomes more and more in turmoil with the Photon Energy bringing change, pressure, stress, and speeding up the Universe, we need to welcome change into our lives. We cannot move into change with fear. With change there are unknown factors, but if we can look upon that change as an adventure – look at it in a positive way – it will be positive because we are creating that with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we create our own reality. I see 2011 as a very positive year, a year of moving forward to a better way of life. Will it happen overnight? No. Will it bring massive change? No, it will not. Will there still be war, the Taliban, cyclones, tornadoes, and hurricanes? Yes, there will be. However, when one looks at the change that has taken place since 1980, boy have we made progress!

Many people may have moved away from the “new age movement,” but they hold within themselves the information that they gained during their tiptoe visit into it. It helped them to change a little even if they did not realize it. For those who did embrace it and moved forward, their lives have never been the same since.

If you are thinking of change in your job, marriage, or life, don’t hesitate to make that change. Do not let fear stop you from exploring the new avenues you want and often need. Remember also that unhappiness eats away at one, creating eventual dis-ease that then becomes full-blown disease. One of the saddest things for me is to see people who are obviously very unhappy, clinging to the thing they are the most unhappy with because their Self will not allow their Higher Self to see a better picture in the future. We came into this incarnation to experience change, to move away from the patterning and energy of the past, and to step outside of the boundaries we created in the past that have held us back for so long. We often cannot see it though.


The Modern World – Continued

Maitreya has told me that we have seen nothing yet compared to what is being created on the other side in the world of Spirit. He has said that technology is about to surpass itself after 2012 because, not only will the Photon Energy make it easier to communicate with the next world, but far more people will be intuitive than ever before. I asked him whether they ever wished they had not invented something because of its danger or some other reason. He surprised me by telling me, “Yes.” There have been many things they created which they thought would be helpful to us, but then discovered that there was a problem. One such situation was nuclear power. He said that they had not given any thought to waste material from this invention, and that they were still working on this on their side. He was positive that they would have an answer before long, but they have to make sure it is extremely safe before giving the answer to anyone.

I was absolutely flabbergasted because one does not imagine Spirit as being wrong or in getting something wrong. They could see the benefits of nuclear energy when they created the use of uranium for energy, but had not considered the waste situation. I have to say that I was in shock for some time after he told me that. Perhaps one day we will have the time to discuss what else they have regrets about, but for now I am satisfied knowing that those on the other side of the veil can make mistakes also.

I remember reading a spiritual book from the 1930’s by a teacher called Silver Birch who was channeled by a man named Maurice Barbanell. During one of his channeling sessions, he was asked by a guest at the channeling if there was going to be a second world war. The answer from Silver Birch was a definite no, but yet a few years later, the second world war was a reality!


General Stuff 3 – Final Words

It never ceases to amaze me how many people write to me with questions that can be answered from my books. I have written a number of books with a great deal of information in them, most of which is not in other metaphysical books. I recently recorded an audio book version of The Photon Energy book. This enables you to listen to the book in your car while driving or to download into your i-pod and to listen to it and not have to read the book. In a few weeks time, all of the books will be on audio CD. The writings of Maitreya (www.maitreya-edu.org) hold a wealth of information on many hundreds of subjects written by him since 1997. One does not have to be without knowledge. Many of these writings are also available on an audio CD recorded by Alan and, may I say, recorded superbly by him. The feedback on these audio readings has been phenomenal.

There is no need (as I stated) to be without information on any metaphysical subject. Maitreya has written just about everything on every subject. Put it into the search engines in his website and it will come up. If you do not find what you need, write and ask him to write about it. He may not do that for some time, but he will eventually get around to it. When I began my development, I honestly thought that it was going to be so easy. I thought that I was going to be taken care of financially, that I would be in heaven most of the time, and that it would not take long. I was completely wrong. Spiritual development is about facing our fears, about being true to who we are on the level of our Higher Self and not in what the Self tells us or wants us to be. It is discipline – obedience in a way – to Spirit and not being afraid to face your dark side. It is also about keeping no secrets. The more you try to; the more they will be exposed!

Margaret McElroy

General Stuff 3 – Continued

The more you raise your vibration and consciousness, the more energy you are able to bring in. The more fear and issues you face, the more intuitive you become. One of our staff members went through an enormous healing crisis the other day. He found it difficult to connect with Spirit because his energy was very into logic, not the spiritual. I tried to help him and did, but he still could not connect with the higher energy. He went through a couple of days of vomiting, headaches, vertigo etc., which really cleared old energy out of him, but also opened him up to higher energy. I know now that he will become more intuitive and more open to the energy of Spirit.

The Photon Energy is enabling millions who want to raise their vibration and move to a higher level of consciousness. I can see it every day in everything that is happening in the world. The downside is that one has to go through healing crises which create uncomfortable symptoms. Because we are not trained or educated in metaphysics in our school system or early years, most of us are not aware of the symptoms associated with raising one’s vibration. My ex husband and Alan, my present husband, both told me that they had problems with their eyes – which is a definite sign of something happening spiritually. Both of them had problems with vertigo and nausea long before I came into their lives. They both had CAT scans done, but nothing wrong was found because it was within the spiritual not the physical. If we were educated (and that is what I hope to be doing and have been doing so far – teaching people), it would not make us so frightened when things happen to us that we cannot explain. I know when it happened to me (the nausea and vertigo) I was so frightened yet, once I understood it, it did not bother me at all.