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I am often asked about certain things in what you on the earth plane call the “past,” about matters to do with things that have long ago become history – as you know it. I often refrain from answering these questions because they deal with something that has been and gone. It is the purpose of the Masters to teach humankind to live in the now, not to think about the past or the future as you on the earth plane know it. The now is all that there is.

If you do not live in the now, then you are not living in the moment. One of my channel’s clients said that she had difficulty understanding the now. Margaret explained that she lives in the now, does not dwell on the past because that has been and gone, and that she plans for the future. The client said that if Margaret plans for the future, then surely she is not living in the now. It was a very good question and one that needs explanation.

Margaret does live in the now. We have trained her to do so. However, she does not allow opportunities that come her way to slip away from her. One of these opportunities came recently when she was offered a reduction on an airfare for her travel later in the year. She could have said “No, thank you, I am living in the now and I will deal with my airfare when the time comes,” but she did not. She looked upon the discount on her airfare as a blessing from the spiritual realms and took it.


Intuitive Children – Continued

Today the majority of children know about guides and the spirit world. If they can see it or touch it intuitively, the more the better. In our new premises we will be holding children’s classes to further develop any intuition they have. I was meditating this morning and, in my meditation I saw a group of many children eagerly being taught about these gifts, so I feel it is time to change the energy of the past and develop these children to understand the forces they have but perhaps not understand. My own grandson – the 6 year old who has amazing healing energy – is actually very like me in body type and makeup, so it should not be too hard to teach him. The most important thing to teach these children is the fact that it is a gift which everyone has and second, the fact that they should not be in fear of it, because I was so very much in fear!

My 11 year old granddaughter loves tumblestones and crystals. Many years ago in Australia I had a market stall, and the children would love to come along and put their hands through the stones we sold at the market, often buying them because they had a “feeling” about them. So many children today are healers. Many children do not even know they carry the healing energy inside of them, yet family members will often say they feel so much better when Johnny touches them etc., Maitreya has told me that, in the future, we will be paying more and more attention to natural healing and more people will be wanting to use more natural forms of healing. How wonderful to have a child who can place their hands on you and lift out pain! Yet I truly believe this is what will happen in the future as we become more aware of what the drugs we take are doing to us.


Being True To Yourself – Final Words

We spend so much time living in the past – living with regrets for things we did when we did not know any better at the time. Once we do know, we can change, and change is usually very positive. But each soul has their own time for change. We cannot progress forward unless we can understand why we do things. More than anything, we need to let go of any judgment against ourselves. We are not perfect; we cannot be because we have a Self constantly hounding us with negative questions and answers. However, if we are truly honest with ourselves and God, we are truly being who we should be, not what people want us to become.

I am not afraid any more to speak my truth; it is as simple as that. I often watch people as Alan often speaks my truth for me. It is as if I am not there in the room. Often they cannot believe we are being so honest. It is the same with many different subjects, especially about sex. Alan and I have no inhibitions in talking about anything to do with sex. Ninety-five percent of the population is terrified of speaking about it. It is really interesting to watch people’s reactions as we begin speaking our truth about that subject. However, to be able to speak my truth quietly and clearly has brought a peace inside of me which I cannot describe.

Maitreya has said that we all need to speak our own truth, but how many of us do? Not only do I have peace inside of myself, I have more energy in my daily life and for the things I need to manifest. I am not bogged down with unspoken words I should have said, but never did. The next time someone asks you a question to which you need to give an answer, speak your truth. Yes! Speak your truth – do not hold back. With Love in your heart, say what you truly mean and would like to say, not what they want you to say or expect you to say. You will then be true to yourself. Not only that, you will be true to God, whatever you deem that energy to be!

The Past

So many of you live in the past – in fear of moving forward and in fear of change. The past as you know it has gone. It has left only memories – some good, some bad – but memories only. You cannot return to the past; you cannot live in the past. How can you live in something that has gone? What you are actually doing is living in memories. Many souls live in their memories because that is where they were happiest. They do not realize that they can have happiness today, in the now! All they can see is their memories. When they do this, they cannot see the now or what is to come –what you on the earth plane call the future.

It is hard to break free of memories, but once you are free then you can live a life that is free, unencumbered, because there is only a now! This moment of time now, is all that matters. Nothing else is important, the now is all. What matters though is this moment of time – the now – and allowing what is to come to manifest. If you live in the now, you leave the past behind and allow the future to manifest. Then you truly are in line with your destiny. The past has been and gone. It taught you lessons, helped mold you into what you are now, been a blessing (some souls may think it a curse), but it is gone. Do not step backward into the past, but just be still in the now! When you can do this you will truly know peace. As you do this, the future – as you call it or what is to come for you – will unfold gracefully, bringing with it wonderful opportunities for growth and expansion.



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