Emotions – Continued

It is not easy giving no energy to things we would normally react to. A lot of what we do is programming or conditioning and also energy left over from past lives. The first thing to do is to be aware of what one is doing. Once one begins to do that, then it is a matter of not reacting when it happens again. In my friend’s case, when it first happened she was devastated. It was a family member whom she had been extremely close to. She tried to heal the wound which had come between them, but two other parties were involved, and this person supported the other two – who were even closer to them. My friend, of course, never stopped talking about the issue, how hurt she was, how this person had treated her, etc., and at every opportunity the Self would have her crying. Her Self brought other people in to keep the subject current so that even more energy was given to it. She happened to have a career where she had clients visiting her, and her clients kept the subject current. Of course, the Self, the actress within her, loved telling her story because it evoked sympathy. Yes, the Self was on a roll.

Maitreya could see what was happening and so created a situation where she was faced with this person again, and this time the same thing happened. The Self came in, but then a part of my friend could finally see it was the other person’s problem, not hers. She was just reacting because she was very upset and felt abandoned. I pointed out to her that she was still loved by me, her clients, and the rest of her family. It was the other person’s loss that she was no longer in their life. They could not see that, but it was so. Finally, she was able to see it for herself and peace ensued.


Emotions – Continued

Looking back over my life, I can see so many times – thousands if not millions of times – when my Self had control and squeezed each emotion for all it was worth. Often this was done in public. After all, with my Moon  (emotions) in Leo (emotions colored by Leo, the starmaker, the drama queen), why would it not be in public? In past lives I had felt unworthy and a “nobody;” I wanted to be a “somebody.” The Self would get noticed by acting out its pain in the public arena. Of course, looking back I can see how stupid I looked and how silly it was, but I could not see it then because my Self was in control!

Since 2004, I have spent the years learning how to let go of the emotions. It has not been easy. It was like stepping on and off a bus. Sometimes I would react and the Self would give it everything it had, and at other times I had it in control. As I stated earlier, it is not good to hold the emotions in, nor is it good to react either. Actually both waste energy. Surprisingly, one wastes energy demonstrating their emotions and yet, when one stifles them, one holds in the energy. Energy contained is energy that becomes dis-ease and eventually disease. We then have to use energy to heal the disease and make ourselves well. In addition, we do not realize just how much emotion we have carried inside us from past lives. Energy does not go away until we deal with it, but letting it out can also cause problems for those around us who are usually the whipping posts for our energy! Whether it be an animal in our house or a human being, they take the brunt of our emotions, often taking them into their own energy.


Changing Patterns – Continued

I have a vivid memory of when my father was in hospital in 1979. He had surgery, but then had to go back immediately because of complications. The nurses told us it would take some time for the anesthetic to wear off. As I was sitting at the side of his bed with my mother, she asked if I wanted to get a cup of tea and, at that moment, my father (who was in a sort of half-in and half-out of his body stupor) raised himself off the bed, picked up an imaginary cup of tea, and began to drink it. One would have honestly thought he was drinking a real cup of tea instead of an imaginary one, but it showed to me how ingrained habits are when my father only heard a suggestion about a cup of tea and reacted as if he were actually drinking it.

Sometimes our habits are connected to our past lives. When this is so it is even more important that we let go of that habit or energy. But often we do not know either that we do it or that we have the ability to stop doing it. I once met a man who could not stop washing his hands. He was paranoid about it – his whole day was spent washing and re-washing his hands. In a past life I saw him as a surgeon in another century where his dirty, unwashed hands had created a septic situation in one of his patients. The patient died, and he realized somehow that he was responsible for the death. Since that moment centuries ago (and through three other past lives) he had been washing his hands over and over, as if to try to wash away the germs which he still saw on his hands. It was a very sad sight to see and aggravated his wife and his children. Even more so it aggravated him, but he did not know why he did it.



So much debate and energy is given to the word “selfish” or “selfishness.” I was recently asked to write about this in my blog. We are told that, if we are selfish, we are wrong and very much in the Self. Yet selfishness is a subject we really need to explore in detail. I am prompted by one of my own family members who, for many years, I felt was very selfish, indeed. He never took into account anyone else. It was always me, me, and more me! When this began I had great difficulty in coming to terms with it and even more so in that the person was a family member, a male. I struggled for years knowing that he was – as I considered – selfish, and this really disturbed me.

When Maitreya came into my life, he told me that this person was exactly where he needed to be – in his selfishness. In past lives he had lived many nomadic, spiritual lives, taking care of others, talking to people on a higher level (channeling in a way), and living a secular life of poverty and chastity. He had done his work in helping others and now was in the throes of learning about taking, not giving. In this life he had to learn to do things for himself, to learn about earning money instead of having a begging bowl and asking for alms. He had to learn how to earn and pay for food. He had to learn how to have sex with a partner for, in a past life, he had been chaste and never experienced sexual energy. There were so many things he needed to learn about the earth plane. We would say it is selfishness, but to the person concerned, it is learning about life away from the monastery or the nomadic way of life he had experienced prior to his existence in this life.

This whole conversation with my teacher completely changed not only my thinking, but my entire life! Never again did I see this family member as selfish, and I came to understand why he is selfish. It put a whole new slant on life for me. We should be spending time on ourselves and enjoying our own lives. We spend so much time trying to help other people with their lives that we cannot see what we have come to learn in our own life. Once we do see what our own lessons are – and not the lessons of others – then we can move forward with our own lives and our life path.

Children – Continued

I re-read the report on his karma and past-life energy and I could see so much in him that he is learning in this lifetime. I already knew a lot about him of course – being who I am – but the information took me to a new and different level, and I was in shock. Maitreya had told me that we cannot leave the earth plane unless we remove all ego, fear, and all the emotional energy accrued in past lives. Here I was looking at what my grandson had “accrued.” Not only that, but also how he had chosen to deal with it in this incarnation. I had watched it with my own eyes.

Maitreya came into my energy then. I was shown that this is my grandson’s 16th attempt at removing the energy and, although it will be hard for him, it would be very likely that he will finally do it in this life. He has also chosen to be metaphysical later in life, and this teaching will enable him finally to let go of the energy, never to return. Ironically he not only has Alan and me in this life to help him with advice and teaching if he needs it, but his other grandmother is an astrologer and intuitive as well. He has genes from both sides of the family to help him on the intuitive side and, as he gets older he will hopefully learn what he needs to learn from both his other grandmother and from Alan and me. He is a lovely boy and later on will have a very caring attitude toward children, so perhaps his own experiences will enable him to help other children like him. I would like to think so. Of course, for now he is a little boy with exuberant energy, non-stop from morning to night – and I mean non-stop – just like the majority of children. At the moment there is too much fun to be had!