Why are you afraid of silence? You live in a world filled with noise; there is very little quiet in your lives. In silence you can listen to the soul. In silence you can speak to God. This does not mean that you have to sit in silence, stiff and upright. No, it means that you need to be aware of the quiet and not be afraid of it.

When you are quiet you really do have to look at issues around you. If you are on a spiritual path it is a time for the soul to show you what needs to be looked at. It may be vanity, anger, frustration, or ego to name a few. When you are silent, you can see these in their full glory.

My channel had a friend once who would not be still. She found something to do each and every minute of every earth day. She wanted to be spiritual, yet she would not take any time for contemplation or to sit quietly and let the soul speak to her. One day she became very ill, so ill that she was forced to go to bed. She could not move for days and during this time she was in silence most of the time. In the silence her soul spoke to her. This created a healing within her that lasted for many days – more than she anticipated. She experienced anger, pain, hurt, frustration, but for her it was a cleansing, freeing her body of trapped negative energy. She cried the tears of healing. Each day now she takes thirty earth minutes to sit in silence and to listen to her soul. She knows that, if she does not, she could be forced to do so again, just like before.