Thanksgiving and Other Things – Final Words

I would like to suggest that those of you who are spiritual, want to raise your vibration, and who do not live in the USA either adopt the Thanksgiving celebration or choose another day so that you also can take the opportunity to let go of your issues to do with anyone who has upset you and to thank the Universe for your blessings – because we all have them.

I will never forget my first husband’s words when I had walked 5 miles to work and 5 miles back to earn $7.50AUD in 1988. I was so depressed at only earning that amount in the coffee shop I did readings in. On my arrival home and moaning about my fate, he said, “Well it is a loaf of bread, a bag of potatoes, a carton of milk, and an uncooked chicken that you did not have the money for, but you do now.” I felt so terrible because that $7.50 did, at that time, provide those items. I was indeed blessed, but could not see it. For every experience I have gone through which could be termed negative, there has been a positive outcome either in learning lessons, experiences, or letting something go. Whenever I find myself bemoaning my lot these days I remember those words.

My mother use to say when I bemoaned my fate, “Well at least you are not disabled or deaf or blind.” Indeed, I was not, and it would always make me bless my life. Forgiveness and thankfulness are two of the most important things to deal with on a spiritual aspirant’s path. There is nothing more needed than to practice them. You cannot move forward until you begin their practice and then to continue practicing them. It took me until two years ago to learn that lesson and to finally let go of everything I had in my life that was holding me back. Look upon your enemies as being your very blessed friends, because they are once you return home to Spirit. It is just sad that we will not see that until we do go home!

Margaret McElroy

The Presence of Spirit – Continued

During the times of clearing – in this case, one whole week – I cannot leave the house, I cry a lot, have a lot of the other symptoms, and I feel really terrible every day; I have no energy. It is during these times that the Self part of me really comes in and makes life difficult for me. I moan, I groan, and I talk about not wanting to go on. At times I can be extremely negative which is the process of clearing negative energy and releasing it. To be truthful, I am a pain in the butt, and my poor husband, Alan, is the one who gets to experience what I go through and has to put up with me. He is the most amazing man in being able to do that. I vow during these times that I am not doing this work anymore. Had I known in the beginning that it would be like it is, I would never have done it, etc., etc., etc. Oh, yes, when I am worn down with other peoples’ old, used energy, I get really down and out! To me it is very hard to cope with, and our recent trip was made harder by the energy of the past, but we managed to remove quite a chunk of that energy. It is at times like this that Spirit really lets you know they are there.

This time around, I could not leave the house because of chronic diarrhea each day. I had experienced a really terrible time with it while on the island, but coming home was no better. Basically, I could not leave the house. I ventured out a few times for banking, a trip to the office for the radio show, and to a pharmacy but – even then – Alan went inside for me as I was too exhausted to go in myself. I had such plans for having some time out when I got home from the trip, but it was not to be. Every day involved clearing of some kind.


The Anti-Christ – Continued

What can be done to override this negative, Anti-Christ energy? I will tell you, but it will not be easy.

For first you must remove all fear from your being. Then you must have total faith in all that you do, and no doubt that what you do will happen. This is the only way to fight the negative energy. While you have these negative traits you cannot be in the light, for the darkness of negativity blinds the light of Good and God and shuts you off from the spiritual realms for a time. The length of this time will depend much on you. But ask for help and we will do all we can to assist you to break free from the negativity that you find yourself in. It is your choice!


The Anti-Christ

On my travels with my channel, Margaret, I have been asked often about the Anti-Christ. Who and what is this energy, whom many believe to be on the earth plane today? The Anti-Christ is the sum total of all that is negative in the world today. Just as there is light and those who work in the light, there are those who prefer the darkness. Their belief is that they are in truth, but they are in their illusion. They believe that they are right and that those in the light (who are positive and happy) are wrong. Anyone who judges and has hate in their heart, fear in their mind, and doubt in their being are working for that negative energy, the Anti-Christ.

I can hear many of you saying that you have fear and doubt, but do not hate, so you cannot be with the negative, but you are. Yes, you are. Your negative fear and doubt assists and aids the energy of the Anti-Christ. The Anti-Christ is an energy, an energy made up of the collective thoughts of anyone who is negative.

Just as there is the Ultimate Being, the God of the light, there is the God of the dark, the Anti-Christ. The more positive you are and the less fear you have, the more faith that you have and the more you support the light, the more you will move forward in vibration and raise your consciousness. Imagine an energy cloud in space – moving along, picking up energy from all areas that are negative, getting bigger and bigger like a snowball. That is what the Anti-Christ `is doing. It feeds on people’s fear. While people have fear, it has power! The more power it has, the more it wants!


Being True To Yourself – Final Words

We spend so much time living in the past – living with regrets for things we did when we did not know any better at the time. Once we do know, we can change, and change is usually very positive. But each soul has their own time for change. We cannot progress forward unless we can understand why we do things. More than anything, we need to let go of any judgment against ourselves. We are not perfect; we cannot be because we have a Self constantly hounding us with negative questions and answers. However, if we are truly honest with ourselves and God, we are truly being who we should be, not what people want us to become.

I am not afraid any more to speak my truth; it is as simple as that. I often watch people as Alan often speaks my truth for me. It is as if I am not there in the room. Often they cannot believe we are being so honest. It is the same with many different subjects, especially about sex. Alan and I have no inhibitions in talking about anything to do with sex. Ninety-five percent of the population is terrified of speaking about it. It is really interesting to watch people’s reactions as we begin speaking our truth about that subject. However, to be able to speak my truth quietly and clearly has brought a peace inside of me which I cannot describe.

Maitreya has said that we all need to speak our own truth, but how many of us do? Not only do I have peace inside of myself, I have more energy in my daily life and for the things I need to manifest. I am not bogged down with unspoken words I should have said, but never did. The next time someone asks you a question to which you need to give an answer, speak your truth. Yes! Speak your truth – do not hold back. With Love in your heart, say what you truly mean and would like to say, not what they want you to say or expect you to say. You will then be true to yourself. Not only that, you will be true to God, whatever you deem that energy to be!