Disasters – Continued

Another thing we do not realize is the fact that, if we leave the earth plane in death, we go home to our spiritual home (our actual home). This earth plane is just a schoolroom where we learn our lessons and grow as a soul. We cannot see that everyone who comes into our life is a mirror to force us to look at things we cannot see in ourselves but can see in others. Maitreya told me last year that, now I have raised my vibration to the level I have, I can now lose the weight I have carried for the whole of my metaphysical career. I had needed the weight for my development and work, and it had served me well.

It also served the Self well, but now I do not need it. I had come to understand the Self and I thought it no longer had reign over me. That is until I tried to lose it. The Self fought back with all it could muster, putting fear into me about losing weight! I have always had a fear of being attractive and now the Self brought that fear up. It came from a past life, was no longer relevant, and I thought I had dealt with it – that is until the Self began to resurrect it. There were other issues such as the sweet things the Self liked, the cake (which I had started to dislike in my Higher Self), the candy, etc. It was not giving up without a fight. Then the Higher Self took over and began putting people next to me who carried weight. Everywhere I went they were there, mirrors to my own excess weight, and I began to see myself as I was. Of course, I was a Goddess and exuded such energy, but I knew I did not need the weight to keep me this way. I realized that I could be a Goddess and an amazing energy even without the weight.


Thanksgiving and Other Things – Continued

How many times do we actually think to thank somebody? I remember when Maitreya taught me about people mirroring for me and showing me what I did not want to see in myself; I could not bring myself to do what he asked in the beginning and to thank those people for doing this. Without them I could not move forward.

Many years later, a friend stayed in my home in an apartment below our living quarters. It was set up to be self-contained and, as she had nowhere to stay for a few months, I offered her this apartment to live in. She was a member of an amateur dramatic group and was very emotional in everything she did. I was an emotional person also and everything I did was on huge, dramatic levels. Each day this friend would come up to our house where I lived with my ex-husband and mirror for me the emotional person I was. I could see and feel it so clearly. Thanking her – whether directly or silently – was a difficult thing for me though. It took a lot of energy on my point to not only thank her silently, but also to stop being emotional and become emotionally detached. She had chosen to come into my life to do this, and at the same time was learning things herself about living with other people in their apartment. It was the beginning of my becoming detached. The Universe had tried to do this – to teach me detachment – a few years prior to this through another emotional situation. I had even seen it clairvoyantly, yet I could not step out of the old programming no matter how hard I tried. I had been as emotional as I could be and was thoroughly ashamed of the way I had behaved because I knew better. So, I was finally free of emotional attachment and, from then on, my life changed in such a way.


Criticizing Others

Why do we waste energy criticizing others? What are they here to show us that we don’t want to see.


Heaven on Earth

We cannot do our work on the physical plane without your help. For many years of earth time, humanity has been bound by the Self. The time has come when humanity as a whole has decided to change. Many souls offered themselves (as what many would term “light workers”) before their incarnation on the earth plane. The time has come when we are ready to assist humanity with the change and with the higher consciousness. However, when we need your help, many souls run away; the Self takes control. It is our intention to bring heaven to earth. In other words, if change takes place in humanity, it will be possible for all on the earth plane to experience the joy, peace, and balance of what some would term “heaven” on the earth plane.

We can assist you to do that. However, when we ask for your help we need you to be there. Many of you in the past few earth years have felt the calling to work with us but have either stalled doing so or run away. We have sent teachers to help you, but you have seen these teachers as fearful people when, in fact, they are mirrors for you, showing you what you do not want to see in yourselves. The measure of a good teacher is what they show you that you do not want to see in yourself.


Why Do We Criticize?

Margaret explains why we criticize other people and what’s really going on inside us.