The time is coming when, once again, we welcome a new year. It does not seem a minute since we were celebrating the millennium of 2000, and now we are heading into 2011. From the 1980’s to the year 2000, many people began the journey toward metaphysical understanding. During that period, the Mind Body Spirit and Whole Life Expo shows were active around the world. People began to find out about a whole new way of life. Unfortunately the advertising at the time was, “Try this and it will make you immediately better.” So many people believed that and, when it did not work, they lost interest altogether in what they had tried and in what was then known as the “new age” movement. I do wonder whether anyone understood that spiritual development is a life-long journey, a lot of hard work, and not to be taken lightly!

We were just consumed with the new energy, the philosophical teaching, and also the personalities who brought the messages – Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Choprah – people with beautiful energy who spoke to the spiritual part of us. I started my own path in 1985, first studying with some amazing teachers and then professionally as I moved into my career. When I look back, I wonder how I survived – how I have not fallen by the wayside – because the road at times has been so hard. How hard has it been? Well, I have a Cancer midheaven in my astrological chart that makes change very difficult for me. I think most of us do not like change because it brings out fear in the Self – fear of change – fear of what is ahead and how will we cope with what is going to happen. Recently one of our regular website viewers who is in a very professional career wrote that she has chosen to give up her career and leave her job. I cannot imagine the fear she will face as she does so and moves on.


Changing Patterns – Continued

So how can we change the patterns of the past? Unless we raise our vibration, or become aware spiritually (not religiously), we may find this very hard. Of course, an astrologer can assist you here, but unless one feels the need to change, one cannot move on from the old energy of the past. In the last 30 years, millions of people have become aware from going to Mind-Body-Spirit festivals, reading books, taking classes, or just their own awakening.

I chose my awakening a short time prior to beginning to raise my vibration. I faced much fear in doing so because I had such a strong fear of change – once again the Cancer midheaven. When people talk about astrology they really do not understand that it is not just your sun sign that determines who you are, it is the whole chart and what is in that chart. Not only do I have that Cancer midheaven, but I also have my moon in Leo which makes me a very fiery individual – as my husband Alan will attest. It takes a brave person to live with me. Although over the years I have mellowed quite dramatically, every now and again I still have my fiery moments!

The first step in changing oneself is to become aware and the second is to then want to change the old patterns. This can be done with past-life therapy, affirmations, and healing on a metaphysical level with flower essences, color therapy, counseling, or other alternative practices. I found the use of crystals and gem stones helpful as well as Bach Flower Therapies for the fear I had on an emotional level. It was not just one thing but many, and it took over 30 years to achieve all of the changes I needed to make. It can be done in one lifetime – I am proof of that. However, the most important factor is the fact one needs to want to change more than anything.


Changing Patterns

Because of my astrological Cancer midheaven, I find it very difficult to change the way I do things. Whether it is a private or work issue, change is not something which comes easy to me. I often wish I could be like a Buddhist monk – able to travel anywhere with absolutely nothing but the clothes on my back and a begging bowl, but I know that within a few weeks of traveling I would have a coat, perhaps a horse or mule, and a bag on my back with food and personal items in it. It is so hard to change one’s patterning after years of programming.

I remember leaving Australia and saying to myself that I would not have possessions again like I did in Australia. However, not only do I still have possessions in storage in Australia, I have more here in the USA than I have there! I can actually laugh at the situation because I have nobody to blame but myself. I just thank God that I am not a hoarder like those people on the TV shows in the USA, people who are buried alive basically in their homes by the stuff they collect, most of which is never used.

There are those who know me who would say that I am not like the way I am describing myself, but I do consider myself difficult when it comes to letting go. Many years ago my teacher, Maitreya, told me that a cluttered house stops the flow of energy. It tells the Universe that you have enough and actually have more than enough – so much so the Universe does not bring you anything new; one is in stagnant energy. I was horrified at this thought. At the time I was in a stagnant period in my life and felt it was because my house was filled with things that I no longer needed but could not let go of.