A Long Way – Final Words

During this whole blog I have not mentioned the TV shows over the last ten years, shows such as “Medium,” “Ghost Whisperer,” and “Ghost Hunters” (the latter made to scare people rather than interest them in the other side and what happens there after we die.) Yes, there are earth-bound spirits but they cannot harm us unless we give them our fear and let them feel it within us. “Ghost Whisperer” has just finished its run, and no more shows will be made. New shows will replace the old ones and will educate people in the ways of the spirit world and they will cover past lives and other subjects. Programs on alternative healing practices will become very popular, showing how they are done and what they are. Not many of us know what cranial sacral therapy is. Well, in the future we will all know what it is.

I have said it a number of times here that it is time for change, and change is a coming! The only reason we do not know about these things already is because we have not been educated in them, and so much fear has surrounded them. In the future we will not have that fear, and more people will be using them. It makes me laugh so much at the ads for pharmaceutical drugs these days. Yes, they can cure in some people, but they can also cause kidney damage, heart problems, stroke, etc., etc. I would love to see an ad for a Bach Flower remedy: “It will gently remove old energy from the body and safely assist you to raise your vibration.” And for a chiropractor: “Will safely and surely assist you to walk again without pain and discomfort.” Advertising such as this is what I see for the future. As for the intuitive world of mediumship and channeling: “It will enable you to communicate with those who you will meet when you die and who want to assist you to a better way of living without worry and stress.” Why do I write that? Because they have done it for me and for Alan, and now it is time for us to teach others how to do it. The Photon Energy will help us to do that.

Raising the Vibration

I have lost count of the number of students I have taught who honestly thought it was just a matter of a few lessons in metaphysics and mediumship, and they would be as adept as I am with the rewards I am currently receiving. I wish it were like that because I would not have had to spend over 25 years learning my craft and facing every kind of fear I had. Of course with the Photon Energy speeding everything up, it is certainly not going to take them as long as it took me and, I have to admit, my abject, terrible fear of the Spirit world slowed me down incredibly. I also had a lot of doubt about what I did and whether I was good enough – which also slowed me down. So many people think it is going to be a bliss situation once you raise the vibration and move forward. When it does not go that way and the going gets tough, so many cannot stand the heat and walk away. I am often asked whether I would do it again – knowing what I know now – and I have to be honest and say, “No, I would not,” because for me it has been a very hard road indeed.

Many souls will not have such a hard road, but for me, there was so much I needed to get out of the way re: karma, fear, lessons etc. that it took me a long time. In the beginning it was very hard to deal with. When I was 5 years of age I was told one night by a discarnate voice, “You will work for God.” I had only just started Sunday school at that time, and God to me was a fearful energy. I was always being told by my Methodist Lay Minister grandfather that I was a sinner and that God would not love me, so how could I work for God? I became frightened to be honest because I did not know when I would be working for God, just that I would be. As childhood unfolded and I learned about Jesus, He was a man I came to love and believe in, whereas God was this very stern father figure who punished you in hell!