How We Communicate With You – Continued


There are many who believe that it is imperative to meditate, that true communication with spiritual realms can only take place when this is happening. Many souls can meditate and enjoy doing so. For them it is the highlight of their day to sit and communicate with us. For others it becomes a struggle and a frustration, and this should not be.

You cannot, however, communicate with us while you are worried and anxious or racing around doing a hundred and one things. That will definitely not work. We need you to be relatively still, doing gardening, housework, menial, or necessary work. You need to be occupied. Even reading a book can enable us to communicate.

Tell us that you wish to communicate. You can call upon us as God, Divine Soul, Masters – whatever you wish to call us and that you feel comfortable with. For many years of earth time Margaret, my channel, would call out when she was occupied, “Hey you upstairs!” It did not bother us for we knew then that she was ready to receive our information. She received many, many communications when she was doing her ironing.


Silence – Continued

Sitting in silence does not mean that one has to become like a Buddhist monk or nun. Those souls make a choice to experience that lifestyle and meditate in that way. For you though, just be in silence. You can read a book, or do something in the home. Go for a walk, but it has to be in silence, talking to no one and listening to what comes into the consciousness from the soul. As earth time passes, you will find that your soul starts to speak to you, informing you of what is necessary for your growth. If you have no fear and allow the messages to come, you will be the recipient of much healing within yourself.

When one sits still in silence for the first time, the Self becomes impatient and will probably want to move around or try to talk to you. Ignore this. Concentrate on a beautiful scene such as walking in a forest of pine trees, cool and refreshing on a hot summer afternoon. Or a lake with a boat, and you in the boat sailing to an island where there is total peace. Make your own scene where you can be still and silent. By doing this on a daily basis one can finally listen to the soul.


Suffering – Continued

It amazes me that many spiritual teachers/mediums do not tell their students what can happen after one raises their vibration. First of all, one needs to start the process off. The best way to do this is to either meditate at home or to sit in a group meditation. It takes longer to do it alone, so I always recommend a group situation. You also need to know that the medium/teacher is usually very experienced and has spent many years learning their trade. Maitreya, my teacher, said “A laborer is worthy of his hire.” However, many people balk at the idea of having to pay for a session of meditation and never take into account what the medium has done to get to be a teacher. Do expect to pay for a class and do know that you are getting far more than the teacher is getting from the class.

Some teachers – and I say some, not all – are clearing houses for their students. I am one of those, and for us who do it, we can have terrible diarrhea the next day after class. We can feel so drained because we are the batteries which enable Spirit to do the work on the people in the group to help raise their vibration. When I am like that after a class I cannot work the next day, hence I lose a day’s income. My class income helps me to have that day off. I have met so many people wanting to do spiritual development who said they thought it was a gift from God and as such should not pay for a class. That is wonderful if it could be, but how does the teacher/medium pay their bills? I find the energy I expend to my students is incredible, and the students who have taken part in my classes have been amazed at what they were able to do in class. However, they could not have done that without my energy.


Abracadabra – Final Chapter

I learned very early on that I would be given all that I needed and not a cent more. This was because I had to learn to let go of the fear of money and earning money. This was my hardest lesson. Oh, I worried so much, not realizing they knew my situation and not realizing that worry stops the flow of energy and puts a block there stopping the Universe from bringing into my energy even what I needed. It was only after I had proved my worth (after the UN channeling in 1999) that Spirit brought the rewards into my life, first in the gift of a large sum of money which enabled me to build a center, but also in having more than I needed and financial freedom from the limitations I had before. I watch my graduate students struggling these days: one has lost his home, another wrote recently because she was so frightened of the future financially, yet once I assured her things would be OK and to stop worrying, she manifested a whole load of work.

Oh, what worry does to us! Looking back I realize that I had to completely surrender before I found a peace I cannot describe, a happiness I cannot believe. I have learned not to worry, to let go of concerns, and to detach emotionally from everyone – even those close to me such as my family. I have peace in my own silence and a security I have never known before that I know will be there for the rest of my life. I have no time for worry, doubt, indecision, fear, etc., and more than anything I have so much time to be spiritual, to meditate and get the answers I need.

I am coming up on 29 years on my metaphysical path. It began in 1980. One could say it has been a huge Saturn return (Saturn takes 29 years to make one pass through the birth chart). I am no longer that naive person I was 29 years ago. It has been a long journey and one with no abracadabras, but it has certainly been worth all of the hard work. I know I have another 20 plus years ahead of me. Hopefully now Spirit and I can do our work without my Self getting in the way. Hooray!

Past Life Energy – Continued

The following day, I received an e-mail from a friend in New Zealand who is, like me, an astrologer and an amazing intuitive. She told me the child I lost in the previous life was my granddaughter now who I am so very close with. In fact this granddaughter came to stay with me in January and had told me she had a deja vous feeling and felt I had been her mother. Honestly, this from a 9 year-old child. I was shocked, but at the time could not relate. Her mother though is my daughter now.

As I read the e-mail once again I could feel the emotion. This friend told me that I had never forgiven myself for – as I saw it – killing my daughter in that life. Even though I could have done nothing to change things I had always had it deep within me – the anger and upset over this issue. Immediately after the e-mail I decided to meditate, and Alan chose to do it with me. As soon as we brought Spirit in, I decided to forgive myself for losing my daughter in that life. As I said the words internally, I once again wept profusely, deep guttural sobs coming from the depth of my being. However, after I had cried I felt a lot better. I knew also that what my friend had written was true. It had to be – it had triggered such a deep release within me. I thought it was over but, as the day passed, once again I could not help connecting to the woman I had been in the past life. It was such a feeling of knowing that it was connected to her also. Later that day I was on Skype with another friend of mine who is also an incredible intuitive (I am very blessed to be friends with some amazing women who are so intuitive) and she began to channel some amazing information!