Observations – Continued

I kept blaming other things for it, and why would I not? I had done these things, had I not? Many accidents happened while ice skating, others in athletics, others doing work in a gym. However, I had never looked at why my Self was doing this to my knee.

I had read Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life” I was a metaphysical teacher & reader – even a medical intuitive – but as is usually the case I could not “read” myself. We finally had a medical intuitive begin work at our center and, whether it was her energy or the fact that I was no longer “close to the bone” of being a medical intuitive myself. For the first time I was able to spend time thinking of me. I had bought the book (mentioned earlier in this blog) written by Inna Segal (an Australian) a few years ago in Singapore intending to read it, but I had not done so. One day I found myself picking it up, reading it, and finally finding the answer to my knee issue. It was an “aha” moment for me. I finally took responsibility for the knee myself, and stopped blaming other things for it. Amazingly, the knee began to heal – albeit slowly, a little at a time – but I could see progress. I was taking vitamins and joint tablets which were not harmful to my body (not drugs) and still using my pain cream, but I could see an improvement. I do not know what the future holds with the knee, but I do know that I am going to try as hard as I can to heal it completely. I am using my cane less and less. The magnetic mattress topper I bought has been an incredible help to me along with the pillow which also has magnets in it. Today I actually left my cane in the bedroom and walked to my office not even missing it! I intend to keep on that way. As for the TV show, bring it on! I am going to love doing it and have no fear of doing it.


Suffering – Last Words

I have always been able to see where a problem is with my clients and also have been given the metaphysical reason for this happening along with past-life issues. There are people who do this who are extremely talented, and we are very lucky to have people at our center who can work in helping people heal their inner/outer being. We have a wonderful medical intuitive in our center, Johnna Shyrack, along with hypnotherapist/past-life therapists, Jean Luo, and Dennis Dossett. Karen Dossett, Dennis’s wife, is a wonderful Bach Flower practitioner. Jean is also an astrologer.

We also have a healing dog, Baxter, who loves his role at our center and who takes pride in every healing he does. How does he heal? Just by being there and sitting by a person he will draw the old energy from them. Once the client has had their healing session with a practitioner and left the building it is not uncommon for Baxter to go outside and vomit up the etheric energy he has taken out of the person. Just like human healers, he needs days off to recover and get his energy back. On those days he stays home and just lies on the couch all day, very rarely eating. All of our practitioners can use Skype to help clients who do not live locally. Jean Luo has done quite a few past-life sessions around the world in Europe, Asia and other parts of the USA.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with these practitioners, you need to call the center at 425-644-3263 if you live locally, and if not call 1-888-644-3263. If you would like to email us you can do so by emailing any of the practitioners through the www.MaitreyaSeattle.com website. You can also view their profiles and skills on that website. The wonderful thing is that we do not have to suffer. Once we know where the situation we are suffering with comes from, we can let it go and move on. As one who has done that for over 27 years, I am so very glad I did so.

Ramblings – Continued

If you are one of those experiencing long sleep hours – whereas before you were happy with 8 hours or less – and you are having vertigo and nausea, do know you are going through a rise in vibration and consciousness. I always know when I am raising my vibration/consciousness because I experience the symptoms of vertigo and nausea at these times. It happened when I first began my career in metaphysics but was also at that time giving me panic attacks and hormonal problems which were the chakra/physical symptoms balancing themselves out. I do know I was frightened at the time and wondered what the hell was going on. I would walk to work each day to my job in the coffee shop where I worked doing readings, and just be out of body – dizzy, having panic attacks, and trying to tell myself I was OK. Once I got to work and did my readings I was fine, but then on the way home it would begin again.

When Maitreya came into my energy to begin our work together it happened again, but this time without the panic attacks. It happened again when Alan came into my life, and now it is happening again. I just thank goodness I know what is happening because it can be very frightening when it does happen. Alan actually has headaches before it happens, as does Johnna our medical intuitive. This time I actually had a headache myself whereas before I did not. A lot of people who have really bad migraines get them because they are not working the energy coming in. This bottles-up and causes a block in the chakra system which affects the glandular system. Once the energy is manipulated, then the energy can flow as it should and the headaches go away. I get so frustrated because I have the answers as to why so many things happen, but cannot teach people about it. Hopefully everyone someday will know about these things!