Often your enemies on the earth plane are your friends from the realms of the spiritual world who have come to help you to learn lessons. Instead of hating these people, love them because they give you the greatest opportunity to grow and to be free of your karma.

So many souls have hate in their hearts because people have hurt them or upset them. Often that hate is never dealt with and will be taken forward incarnation after incarnation until finally, in one incarnation, it will manifest as illness. Every soul who comes into your life comes to teach you something. The person may be your mother, father, family member, or someone close, but no matter what they did, they did it to help you. Instead of feeling hate, turn that hate into love. Thank the person for being there to help you. Often the person who becomes your enemy – the person you come to hate or despise – is your best friend in the spiritual realms. Chosen by you to help you to grow, they have agreed to be a part of your life to do this.

When you can let go of your hate for all those who have hurt you and replace it with thanks and love for the opportunities they have given you to grow and learn, then you become such a great soul. Let go of your anger, hatred, and bad feelings. Be thankful that someone cared enough to help you. That in itself is true friendship.


How to Be Truly Spiritual

One cannot be truly spiritual if one has one grain of anger, fear, doubt, envy, or other negative emotions. Yes, one can say “I am spiritual” but, if you have any negative thinking toward another soul or a situation, then you cannot be spiritual in the truest sense of the word. How many of you react to situations that you know you should not react to? How can the world be healed if individual souls cannot heal themselves? It is within oneself that one needs to start changing. How many of you have problems with your brother, sister, mother, father, friend, work associate? Yes, I am speaking to you who answered that statement. How can the world be changed until peace is found within yourself? How often do you find yourself justifying yourself? How often do you find yourself becoming angry with someone? What a waste of energy! Just think what you could do with that wasted energy! You could manifest something you desire, educate yourself – there are so many ways to use the energy in a positive way. The more you do this, the more you will be able to create and manifest. It just takes you to stop the flow of negative energy.


Learning To Let Go – Continued

For those who did not read that blog, when I went to church one day I went in a devout Christian and came out a non-believer. It was so strong a shift in energy. First of all, I sat in church and watched someone who had treated me so badly and rudely exalted as a fine upstanding person and donor to the church, and while standing there taking part in the service I suddenly realized it was all a sham. I did not dislike Jesus or God; it was the dogma and the service that changed me. Shortly after that I began my metaphysical search, examining – and at times practicing – other faiths until I found the metaphysical arena. It was not easy to do because I had been such a devout Christian for so long. People found it hard to believe that I no longer wanted to attend church anymore.

I then began to give up so much more. The Universe created openings. I call them that because they opened doors for me to learn new experiences, to let go of not only fixed beliefs about things but also possessions. I began to realize that I could live without things around me. I had such a belief system in this due to my mother and my early conditioning. The belief system I had of having to do things a certain way went out of the window, and I began to do things the way I wanted to do them. I was frightened to begin with because it was radical change, but as I let go of my fear, once again my life became easier. At the same time, I felt lighter and became more intuitive. Change after change occurred. She who hoarded so much stuff now let go and each month had a major clean-out of the house and garage of the things we no longer needed and had not used for a long time. As I let things go, I manifested more up-to-date items if I needed them.


The Past

So many of you live in the past – in fear of moving forward and in fear of change. The past as you know it has gone. It has left only memories – some good, some bad – but memories only. You cannot return to the past; you cannot live in the past. How can you live in something that has gone? What you are actually doing is living in memories. Many souls live in their memories because that is where they were happiest. They do not realize that they can have happiness today, in the now! All they can see is their memories. When they do this, they cannot see the now or what is to come –what you on the earth plane call the future.

It is hard to break free of memories, but once you are free then you can live a life that is free, unencumbered, because there is only a now! This moment of time now, is all that matters. Nothing else is important, the now is all. What matters though is this moment of time – the now – and allowing what is to come to manifest. If you live in the now, you leave the past behind and allow the future to manifest. Then you truly are in line with your destiny. The past has been and gone. It taught you lessons, helped mold you into what you are now, been a blessing (some souls may think it a curse), but it is gone. Do not step backward into the past, but just be still in the now! When you can do this you will truly know peace. As you do this, the future – as you call it or what is to come for you – will unfold gracefully, bringing with it wonderful opportunities for growth and expansion.



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