It saddens us, the Masters, to see what has happened in the name of religion on the earth plane today. The word of God was brought to the earth plane to help humankind and yet it has become the purpose of war and dissension.

Why can you not understand that each of you is an individual with your own belief system? You were created different from each other. No two people are the same; even twins are different. Because of this fact, you cannot all have the exactly same belief system. If you did you would be like sheep or cattle. Instead you are a unique individual. When you can understand that you are different from the person next to you and that it is all right to be different from that person, only then will you find peace.

You cannot impose your ideas on another either by war or by force. It is normal to be different. Each one of you can have a different belief system than another and yet still live in harmony and peace. There is only one God, and yet that energy does not care how you worship it. It just asks you to understand the spiritual part of you and to work with that part of you to enable you to have a better life.

What does dissension in a belief system do anyway? All it does is to kill, maim, injure and create hatred. That is not what God, or the Divine Being as some of you call him, is about. The Divine Being, or God, is about Love – pure love, unconditional love – for all humanity, man and woman, Hindu and Buddhist, Christian and Muslim, each with their own belief system, yet working side by side for a better world.

When you learn to tolerate each other and respect another’s belief system without conditions, then you are on your way to making a better world and creating peace on earth.


Karma – Part 4

The darkness is the Self of all your subtle bodies. It does not want to let go. It will create fear, illusion, doubt, insecurity, and lack of confidence. It will hold you back because it does not want to let go. Why should it? It has had free rein for many thousands of incarnations. Illusion is the worst thing that the Self will create. It can create a situation that has you believing something that is totally untrue. The Higher Self, though, knows the truth. It has no negative thoughts and feelings. It just IS. It is the “I AM” of all. When union with this Higher Self is achieved, then total peace is assured. There are many who think they have achieved control of the subtle bodies – who feel that they have everything in control – but only by their actions will you know if this is so. If they criticize another, if they doubt, have fear, judge another, allow anything negative in their life, then they have not done this. Even one small criticism of another is enough to stop this.

For those who have learned to control the subtle bodies and have passed the tests placed in front of them, the Light shines from their bodies. They are in control of all that they do. The love for their fellow humans shines forth from their heart chakra, and they are truly of man and God, or the Ultimate Force. When this is done, then the earth plane can be left behind once and for all.