One Man’s Truth – Continued

So, if there is not a correct truth, what is true? It is what we see as our truth, which can be very confusing to be honest. Imagine the courtroom banter: “Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” You swear to do that and you are honest about it, but it is your truth. The other party may see it as completely different. After all, it is not their truth.

I often say that we hear what we want to hear, and often we do not hear or see what others see. I remember in the beginning of my channeling with Sister (when I was conscious channeling), that Sister would channel through me to my ex-husband. I was not there – she was doing the talking – but I could hear the gist of what was being said. Although I could not hear all of it, I could hear what was important. When I came out of the channeling, my ex-husband would tell me what had been said, and it shocked me to find that he had taken the whole message out of context that he had just been given. In fact, what I had heard spoken with love through me, he had not only taken as a scolding, but he also misconstrued the message. I never told him because I was told in the beginning of my channeling work never to change what I was given. I was the messenger only; nothing more. I was to give the message; nothing more. What a person did with it was their concern.

Is anyone correct? I do not believe so, because of what has been said. However, I will try as hard as I can for the rest of my life to be honest and tell my truth! It really puts a whole new aspect on the subject of truth if one looks at it like that.


Religious Tolerance

It is such a shame that the country of America is going through a phase of religious turmoil with regard to the Muslim community and their building of a mosque near to where the events of 2001 occurred. The land of the free, as it is known, is free no more. The country of America – always known for its religious tolerance – is now in turmoil as factions of society denounce the Muslim faith and its people. As with every religion there are factions that break away and turn against what they once believed in. In the Christian faith this is represented by the many different churches and ways of worship. Nothing, though, has been as vehement as the attack against the Muslims and their faith.

Millions upon millions of Muslims decry what a few people in their faith do in bombing, killing, and other such atrocities. The God of that minority is the God of hate and resembles nothing of the true God. The majority of those who follow Mohammed revere this energy so highly that they would never dream of doing anything which would cause offense or hurt to this energy. They live a simple life most of the time and are at peace in their faith. Look into the eyes of a woman in a burka and you will see the eyes of a woman at peace. Yes, they have a mosque instead of a church and pray on the ground instead of in pews, but they worship just like the majority of Christians – with reverence for God.

It is sad to see the events taking place at this time in the USA, but it is the fear within those who are not Muslim that is creating the situation. As I stated previously, the land of the free is free no more. What a shame and what a waste of energy all of the hatred and anger is. What could those people do constructively with the energy they are wasting in doing that? I do not support any faith or religion, for that is the choice of each human being. If one chooses to worship within a faith or belief, they should be allowed to do so with love – not with hatred, violence, and fear. Perhaps one day humanity will see its actions and this will be no more. Fear will no longer be an issue with humanity.


Beauty – Continued

My channel, Margaret, often despaired because she carried extra weight. She was once very thin, but as she matured she gained weight. I have informed her that she could not take the energy of the spiritual world if she did not have some measure of protection. Thankfully, since raising her vibration she has let go of the need to be “beautiful” externally and has become beautiful internally.

The more you open to love and the divine energy, and the more you deal with your blocks and fears, the more you can become a beautiful channel for the divine light – that golden, beautiful light of God, or the Divine Soul. Beauty then shines from within. The external part of you is not seen because of the beautiful vision from within. All those who come into your energy see that beauty and cease to look at the external. They do not see your crooked nose, your body with extra weight, your blemishes, and what you consider as flaws. All they see is the beauty of the Divine Soul, or God. The desire for beauty is the desire of the Self. Once you surpass that desire, once the Higher Self is attained through dealing with your own limitations – blocks, fears, desires, doubts, insecurities – then you can shine from within and all that shines is beauty, a golden light which then becomes radiant.

Beauty is not without. Only the Self sees that and complains. Beauty is within and, when it is allowed to shine and come forth, then it can become a beautiful energy to see and to mirror for everyone else.


The Christ Soul – Continued


Deep within the human psyche is a love that surpasses all barriers. That love can be buried for many centuries. Lifetime after lifetime as the Lower Self controls the soul, many mistakes are made, and the love that is buried can stay buried like a seed that has been planted but is waiting for rain. Finally though, the Higher Self – to this point continually dominated by the Lower Self – starts to fight back and demands to be noticed. When this happens, love, like a small seed that has been planted and is waiting for the rain, starts to grow. If it can be left alone and unhindered by the Lower Self, it will grow so big that it can encompass the world. Christ said, “Be as little children.” By this he meant that, as a child, life is uncomplicated, unburdened, and free. As adults we burden ourselves with conditioning and habits, some that have been with us most of our previous lives. When we rid ourselves of these habits and the conditioning, then we can once again become “as little children,” free to see what is around us, free to hear the words of the Spiritual realms, and free to enjoy our lives as they should be lived – with happiness and without burdens.

When finally the soul strives for freedom and seeks a higher level of consciousness, there comes a battle between the Lower Self and the Higher Self. The Lower Self has been in charge most of your earth life. The Higher Self is the part of you that is becoming enlightened. The Lower Self does not want to give up control. When this happens, ego purification has to take place. For many months – and sometimes for years – the soul is confronted with the Lower Self battling to retain control. The Higher Self becomes stronger and more in control, and finally the Ego – the “I” the part of us that will not give in – finally succumbs to defeat. Only then can the soul find true enlightenment and become one with the Divine Source.

What is the Lower Self? It is pride, selfishness, greed, ego, fear, hatred, and many more negative emotions. What is the Higher Self? It is love, truth, selflessness, honesty, compassion, understanding, non-prejudice, and many more positive emotions.

Which one is in control of you?


Being True To Yourself – Final Words

We spend so much time living in the past – living with regrets for things we did when we did not know any better at the time. Once we do know, we can change, and change is usually very positive. But each soul has their own time for change. We cannot progress forward unless we can understand why we do things. More than anything, we need to let go of any judgment against ourselves. We are not perfect; we cannot be because we have a Self constantly hounding us with negative questions and answers. However, if we are truly honest with ourselves and God, we are truly being who we should be, not what people want us to become.

I am not afraid any more to speak my truth; it is as simple as that. I often watch people as Alan often speaks my truth for me. It is as if I am not there in the room. Often they cannot believe we are being so honest. It is the same with many different subjects, especially about sex. Alan and I have no inhibitions in talking about anything to do with sex. Ninety-five percent of the population is terrified of speaking about it. It is really interesting to watch people’s reactions as we begin speaking our truth about that subject. However, to be able to speak my truth quietly and clearly has brought a peace inside of me which I cannot describe.

Maitreya has said that we all need to speak our own truth, but how many of us do? Not only do I have peace inside of myself, I have more energy in my daily life and for the things I need to manifest. I am not bogged down with unspoken words I should have said, but never did. The next time someone asks you a question to which you need to give an answer, speak your truth. Yes! Speak your truth – do not hold back. With Love in your heart, say what you truly mean and would like to say, not what they want you to say or expect you to say. You will then be true to yourself. Not only that, you will be true to God, whatever you deem that energy to be!