Different Subects – Continued

So I am looking forward to the future. Fifty years ago hardly anyone knew about metaphysics. Now so many people are interested in it, and I see it being a major component of the change that is to come. It has the answers, and I know that those who attend the Master of Metaphysics course we run at our Center in Seattle leave thoroughly changed and transformed. They have received the answers to life itself on so many levels. It makes common sense, and yet we have been denied this knowledge for thousands of years.

Christianity, with its fear of God and its emphasis on “sin,” has taken away the true meaning of God, that of unconditional love. God does not judge – it is not able to. It is pure love and, when there is love and understanding, one cannot judge. We are all souls on a journey. As one person said, we are a soul on a journey in a physical body, and that body is only ours for this lifetime. When we die – and we all have to die – we become only a soul again. Every soul looks alike, not exactly of course, but you will not be able to label a soul. Through our incarnations, we have all been murderers, rapist, thieves, vagabonds, free (gay) and many other titles. we have also been happy, content, generous, kind, understanding and had good lives. We come here to the earth plane to learn from life itself. We cannot do that in the next world for there it is a perfect situation where no blame, guilt, fear or any other emotion exists. There is no Self to lie to us, only the Higher Self and God, omnipresent God with its everlasting love. How do I know this? I was embraced by that energy many years ago.


The School

Often you will not see the teachers in your life because you are not trained to do so. My channel had many teachers who had an Aquarian sun sign and, for many years, she could not see that they were with her to teach her emotional detachment. Her mother, first boyfriend, and first husband were Aquarians, and her second husband’s rising sign was Aquarius. It was only with the second husband that she came to the awareness he was a teacher for her. She could not see it for over 50 earth years. Whom do you keep attracting into your life? What Sun sign do you seem to attract? Look at what that Sun sign represents and you will see one of your lessons.

There are also more educated teachers. These people are astrologers who are intuitive. They have learned special knowledge to enable you to learn about yourself and your life plan, and they can make the school learning much quicker. Many people are born and die without even knowing about the schools and the teachers. You never stop learning. From birth to death, life is a school. Some people have to repeat certain subjects over and over again, often having to do this over many lifetimes before they are free of the lessons they bring. It is not easy but, as one learns, one grows in knowledge and once a lesson is learned, it is very rarely repeated.

Ask yourself, “What are my lessons on this earth plane? What am I here to learn?” Once you have those answers, then and only then can you return home to your true home with us. It is known by many as heaven, Spirit, the “other world,” but whatever you call it, you come home never to return to the earth plane again. It is worth the study never to have to return.


A Few Things – Final Words

I thank God that I found out about the purpose of my life, that I am here to learn and work through issues and have finally begun the journey to do just that – despite it being hard and painful. Many more people will be doing it in the future as we head out of the old energy into the new. Humanity is ready now to begin the change. There will be those who do not want that change and who will stick stubbornly to the old ways, but as time passes more and more people will shift away from what they have known and will embrace new experiences. It is hard making changes.

For me it was even harder as I have the sign of Cancer on the midheaven part of my natal chart. And yes, I fought the change with every part of my being. Looking back I can see the fear I had and also the reluctance to move forward. I was comfortable with my life. Why should I change? I needed to change to move on to new experiences.

Life is constant change, and yes, some people do stay in one place their whole lives. I had a friend who lived his whole life in one city in one state, never going anywhere else. Then at just over 40 years of age he moved away and he loved it. Why did he not move away before? Maybe he was not meant to. I do know he fought the move just as I did, but we almost all do in some way. A lot of change is coming up for a lot of people in the next few years. Do not have fear or let the negativity of the Self get to you. Just move on and allow the Universe to lead and guide you. Watch how – if you do let go, do not fight it, and let the Universe lead you – your life will be better than it was. Let the change happen.

Going Back in Time – Final Words

Past-life issues are a difficult subject because one has to be on a higher rate of vibration to be able to believe or understand them. I do believe that, after 2012, we are going to see an increase – albeit slowly – in people wanting to know about past-life energy and issues. I am amazed at the number of people who come into our Center for past-life sessions. Years ago they would not have set foot in the door. The next time you are in a situation where you do not understand it, please think about having a past-life session. For those who wish to come into our Center and have a personal session, we have two associates, Jean Luo and Dennis Dossett. Both of them also do past-life sessions via Skype, and both are incredibly successful with it. With Skype there is no reason not to have a past-life session and relieve conflict and issues in one’s life. It definitely makes for a better understanding of a conflict situation.

We can only make the world a better place and conflict free if we understand the reasons why. I had no idea of the past-life issues between Alan and me until we were together for a few weeks and the issues began to surface. I began to experience fear when he was with me. I felt cowed and weak when he spoke to me. Thank goodness I understood past-life energy because it was so easy to find the answers. To begin with, Alan could not understand it, but finally – as his vibration raised – he began to see it and know it. His recall began also. In the case of Mary, so much upset could have been saved had she known the answers, but she did not know. We did a past-life energy session via Skype when it happened. It would have been so helpful to her had she known. Why not find out where any conflict in your life comes from?

Our Life Purpose – Continued

What is your life purpose? Do you know? I will tell you now that, if I were to tell you, you might not want to do it. It never ceases to amaze me how many people do this and deny their true talent. Even worse are the people who say they have no interest in that career! I have lost count of the number of people who have said that, only to come back and say they could not believe how happy they are now that they are doing it. As parents, we often want our children to do what we want them to do, rather than what they want to do.

Both Alan and I have been guilty of this when our children were younger. I was a good – but failed – ice skater, so I put my children into ice skating. My son showed exceptional talent and so I persuaded him to be an ice skater and a coach. He hated it because it meant he had to be away from home to study for this. The Universe did everything it could to stop him from doing this. The local ice rink closed down, hence the need for him to travel an hour and a half to another rink and eventually stay with a family there. The cost for me was enormous, but at the time I could not see that it was not what he was meant to be. He was living my dream, and it took some time before I was able to see that and enable him to do what his destiny was which was to go into the services, namely the RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force). He leaves that career in February of 2011 after 23 years of service. He has enjoyed every one of those 23 years.