Our Life Purpose – Continued

All of her life this woman had fear of what happened to her and worried about it to the point where it manifested in her life. I knew from the past life of the woman I had been that I, too, had drawn into my life court judgments and trials because I had a fear of people saying I was a fraud. In this life I had the same fear.

In my readings I see so many people who should be, for instance, writing, going into politics, or into the public arena in their careers but who fight it, run away from it, or just will not do it. Their life purpose is not attained, their destiny not even attempted. They do not realize that if they do not do it, they will be back in another incarnation to do it once again. Their life may not be the same, but the lessons will be. It may not be the same people, but the same scenarios will be set up to test them and help them to face their fears and insecurities.

Many do not even realize they have talents, I was one of those. Before I became a reader I was constantly being told by readers that I am artistic. I could not see that or believe it. I could not draw or paint; yet later in life I found that I am artistic. Not only that, I am also a creative person. There is nobody born without one or many talents. Even the hobo begging on the corner of the street has a talent. Usually it can only be seen in an astrological chart, but many people do not believe in them. However, I truly believe that, in the future, more people will become aware of the alternative methods of finding out what we came here to do.



I have mentioned in many communications about humankind each having a different vibration. I write to you now about the subject of beauty and of it being within and not without. Many souls on the earth plane are concerned about their beauty – whether they have the right body, a beautiful figure, too many facial lines etc. – and this applies to men as well as women. They often cannot see the beauty that is within, the beauty of the soul.

When you are at peace and happy with yourself, then one does not concern oneself with mundane thinking. The body that you have is only on loan for this lifetime and it is one you have chosen. The shape of your body, face, and appearance is all due to genetic programming from many members of your family. Your soul, however, is not genetic but is your own, created from your own lessons, experiences, and growth in the spiritual realms. When your soul is at peace, you are at peace. This manifests as a beautiful glow around the body. Your energy is golden; it does not matter what you “look like.” Those who look at you see the face of God.


The Christ Soul

Many ask, “How can I become a perfected being?” I say to you, strive for perfection yet know that, while on this earth plane, perfection is difficult to attain. This is because you are limited by the lessons you have yet to learn as indicated by your astrological patterning. All of you have planets in your astrological makeup which influence your lives and present you with choices. Mercury governs speech and communication, Venus the home and family, Mars one’s fighting instinct. etc. It is the unlearned lessons that stop one from becoming a perfected human being. While on this earth plane you are under the influence of these planets, and they become limiting. It is the choices you make life after life that perfects the soul. Each lifetime is a lesson in becoming perfect until there comes a time that no return to earth is necessary. Then one becomes perfected.

What is the Christ Soul? It is the essence in man that has total compassion and understanding for their fellow man. It is that part of man that never judges and that has complete understanding of any situation. It is kind and tolerant, and yet it will not stand idle and be walked upon. As Christ himself overturned the tables of the money changers, he did not stand by and do nothing when greed was apparent. The Christ essence is free of ego and completely unbiased. Everyone has the Christ Soul. It is in all people, but it has to be discovered. When man has freed himself of all limitations and conditioning, then he will find the Christ Soul within himself.




Often your enemies on the earth plane are your friends from the realms of the spiritual world who have come to help you to learn lessons. Instead of hating these people, love them because they give you the greatest opportunity to grow and to be free of your karma.

So many souls have hate in their hearts because people have hurt them or upset them. Often that hate is never dealt with and will be taken forward incarnation after incarnation until finally, in one incarnation, it will manifest as illness. Every soul who comes into your life comes to teach you something. The person may be your mother, father, family member, or someone close, but no matter what they did, they did it to help you. Instead of feeling hate, turn that hate into love. Thank the person for being there to help you. Often the person who becomes your enemy – the person you come to hate or despise – is your best friend in the spiritual realms. Chosen by you to help you to grow, they have agreed to be a part of your life to do this.

When you can let go of your hate for all those who have hurt you and replace it with thanks and love for the opportunities they have given you to grow and learn, then you become such a great soul. Let go of your anger, hatred, and bad feelings. Be thankful that someone cared enough to help you. That in itself is true friendship.



In all of my years in business, I have never had difficulty in finding work – from my first days working in the coffee shop and from home – even before we had a website. I always had work, but I had many lessons to learn about working. In the beginning, I worried about so much in my life. If a client did not turn up I would get upset over the money I had not made for that reading, not realizing as I did later that sometimes the client did not come because I was tired and those in Spirit knew that doing the reading could cause me problems with my health, or that someone else needed the reading more than the person who had cancelled. Eventually, I learned that, as soon as I let go of the concern over the money, the Universe would bring me a new client. However, if I did not let go and continued to be worried and angry, that person could not come because I was stopping their coming toward me with the energy of anger and fear! It took me a long time to have that “Aha” moment but I finally let go of it.

In the beginning I only earned what I needed, but I was grateful for that. I could pay my accounts and take a salary, albeit small. As I became more experienced in metaphysics, I learned to let go more and more and to generate more salary. As the fear left me little by little, the door opened up to the manifesting energy and more abundance. My business got bigger and bigger – first on a small level, then on a larger and larger level. I never had to network or even give thought to it. As I said to people, my friends in Spirit will take care of me.