Disasters – Continued

Another thing we do not realize is the fact that, if we leave the earth plane in death, we go home to our spiritual home (our actual home). This earth plane is just a schoolroom where we learn our lessons and grow as a soul. We cannot see that everyone who comes into our life is a mirror to force us to look at things we cannot see in ourselves but can see in others. Maitreya told me last year that, now I have raised my vibration to the level I have, I can now lose the weight I have carried for the whole of my metaphysical career. I had needed the weight for my development and work, and it had served me well.

It also served the Self well, but now I do not need it. I had come to understand the Self and I thought it no longer had reign over me. That is until I tried to lose it. The Self fought back with all it could muster, putting fear into me about losing weight! I have always had a fear of being attractive and now the Self brought that fear up. It came from a past life, was no longer relevant, and I thought I had dealt with it – that is until the Self began to resurrect it. There were other issues such as the sweet things the Self liked, the cake (which I had started to dislike in my Higher Self), the candy, etc. It was not giving up without a fight. Then the Higher Self took over and began putting people next to me who carried weight. Everywhere I went they were there, mirrors to my own excess weight, and I began to see myself as I was. Of course, I was a Goddess and exuded such energy, but I knew I did not need the weight to keep me this way. I realized that I could be a Goddess and an amazing energy even without the weight.


The Path – Continued

Many years later, I have learned to live in the now and not be afraid of change. I actually look forward to it each time it comes. Each change has taken me to the next level of my destiny, but it also has taken a long time. Some of the e-mails I received this week asked, “When is it going to happen?” “When am I going to get the rewards?” I hate to tell them that the rewards do not come until one learns the lessons, but this is the truth.

I remember sitting in my office in New Zealand in 1998 begging God to help me use my energy to help people. I honestly thought I was ready to do that. This was before I had the invitation to speak at the UN, and I suppose, in a way, that energy did give me the opportunity to use it, but I did not realize that I had another 12 years to go before I would be allowed to have the freedom to go where I needed to.

I was so impatient! The path to spiritual development is the hardest path anyone can take. It is fraught with frustration, fear, doubt, lack of confidence, and low self-esteem. If one has spent many incarnations fighting the Self but not dealing with issues, it can be a long, hard road. Eventually though, one gets to a place where there is very little to face any more and one is at peace – total peace. There are no worries or cares. What you need is provided, and the Self (although still there) is controlled most of the time.

I saw myself in every one of the e-mails I received this week. It is so hard for me to write to these people and tell them that this is what they have chosen and that they cannot blame anyone else but themselves. Even worse, the people they are having problems with and are angry with are the ones who have come to help them to face those issues. That often goes over like a lead balloon!


The Path

During the last few weeks, I have had a lot of (may I say) “winging” e-mails from various people around the world. You know, the kind of e-mail which says: “Why me?” “Woe is me!” “Why am I suffering like this?” – and other such questions. These are from spiritual people, some of whom have taken my courses and should know why they are going through what they are. If I had known what I would go through once I opened the door to metaphysics, I would honestly never have opened the door. But I did, and it has been a plodding path ever since. The thing is that I had nobody to help me. My teachers disappeared over a two year period, and I was then on my own. Of course, I had Maitreya, my teacher from the other side of the veil in what we call “Spirit,” but in the beginning I found it hard to understand what he wanted of me.

First, and foremost, we need to remember that all of our so-called suffering is not suffering, but a way for us to clear away old energy. I would have never have thought that I would put myself through some of the things I did, but I did. I personally created it, and it was the only way I could get rid of the abject fear I had and learn valuable lessons. Once we come to accept that we are the creators of our own reality – that we alone have created what we are going through for our own good – and that those who are hurting us are actually helping us, then we can actually see – either immediately or later – where they are helping us.

I remember leaving my dream home (after only two years in the house) and having to move to another state in Australia. My then-husband conveniently went “within” and left me to carry the burden of the responsibility of a recession. I asked God, “Why?” I was not even metaphysical then, but it seemed so unfair. Yet, it was that move that opened up the door to my metaphysical future.


General Stuff 3 – Continued

It is very disconcerting to be told that it is a generic answer. I do work very hard to answer every email, either on the same day or within two days. I just have to realize that some people perhaps cannot see what goes into doing a reading and how much time and effort is involved. As I write this blog, it is 6:55pm, and I have been on the computer answering email most of the day. I went into the center and did a phone reading. After dinner, which we just had (meat loaf yum!), I am back on the computer again. Sometimes the rudeness of some spiritual people really surprises me. But, as Maitreya pointed out to me today, his energy through me can really cause problems for some people, especially if they have been harboring anger for a long time. He said to me “Just realize that, through you and what you do, you allow them to release that anger.”

I had not thought of that. All the Self could think about was the work that had gone into the question and how upset I was. Had I been in the Higher Self, there would be no questions and no getting upset over email. Oh well, go round again Margaret. Perhaps you will learn again the next time around! This is what happens though with the lessons we need to learn. They are presented again and again until we learn and, even then, there will be “surprises” every now and again to see if we will go back into old mode. I am sorry to say I do that a lot sometimes. I try to blame it on being tired, and it is only then when the Self comes in, but Maitreya said that even when I am tired I should be able to recognize the Self!



Destiny – Continued

Although we went on to work together for another four years, we eventually separated, and husband number 3 (Alan) came in. By now I was becoming concerned at my fulfilling my destiny. I had found out from Maitreya that the mishaps in the USA and New Zealand were meant to happen. First of all, it was part of the ego destruction I needed to help me go where I had to go, and second, it was to force me to face my fear. And boy did I have some fear over the whole episode!

For some reason I trusted Alan. His purpose from day one was to help me as much as he could, and he has helped me tremendously. I had been told about him coming into my life by an intuitive friend in 2003, and he came into my life in 2004. His dedication to Maitreya surpassed anything I had ever seen and his support of me even more. He also told me in New Zealand that he is the last man in my life. That made me even more positive about the future and fulfilling my destiny.

What would have happened if Alan had not come in or run away in the first few years? Someone else would have come in, or I may never have been able to fulfill my destiny. If not, it would have meant that I would come back for another round of existence.

That source we know as God created within us the gift of free-will – choice – and did not realize how much of a problem it would be in the fulfillment of our destiny. Our destiny is the fate we have chosen for ourselves before we are born – our life plan – and this can be seen in the birth chart an astrologer creates which will assist you to see where your life lessons are and also where your hardest lessons and transformation are going to be. Without this information, even people who do not need a partner to fulfill their destiny often cannot fulfill it.