You Cannot Take Anything With You

As I channel this information, the earth plane is in turmoil in certain parts of the world with war and fighting. The war is based on either religion or land. What the souls involved in these actions do not realize is that, when they pass into the spiritual realms – after they are dead physically, they can take nothing with them. What is the point of fighting for land, fighting because one’s belief is not the same as yours when, in the final outcome, the land will never be yours? The people will never believe what you believe. Each soul has its own personal beliefs because every soul is an individual. Humanity spends years of earth time fighting against what they feel they believe is wrong, but what is wrong? No soul has the answer.

I wrote in a previous message that each man has his own truth. The war in the middle east of the world has been going on for centuries. Land is won; land is lost. A piece of dirt belongs to one country and then it is taken back and belongs to another – all in the name of religion, greed, or ego. What a waste of energy, yet they cannot see that it is a waste of energy.

It is time for humanity to understand that you come into this world – this earth plane – with nothing. You leave with nothing. What you have in between birth and death is there to use, on loan so to speak for your incarnation. It can either be used in a positive way, or it can be used in a negative way. You choose! Let the choosing be in peace and productive endeavors, not for war, ego, greed, fear or any other negative emotion. It is time to stop the war, stop the killing, stop the greed, and understand that all that you fight for, all that you argue over is not taken with you when you return home to the spiritual world. What is taken back with you is the negative actions you have used. The re-action to that is karma which needs to be repaid.

Many souls say, “Why do I suffer in my life?” We in Spirit say at that time, “Look at your past actions!”