The Christ Soul

Many ask, “How can I become a perfected being?” I say to you, strive for perfection yet know that, while on this earth plane, perfection is difficult to attain. This is because you are limited by the lessons you have yet to learn as indicated by your astrological patterning. All of you have planets in your astrological makeup which influence your lives and present you with choices. Mercury governs speech and communication, Venus the home and family, Mars one’s fighting instinct. etc. It is the unlearned lessons that stop one from becoming a perfected human being. While on this earth plane you are under the influence of these planets, and they become limiting. It is the choices you make life after life that perfects the soul. Each lifetime is a lesson in becoming perfect until there comes a time that no return to earth is necessary. Then one becomes perfected.

What is the Christ Soul? It is the essence in man that has total compassion and understanding for their fellow man. It is that part of man that never judges and that has complete understanding of any situation. It is kind and tolerant, and yet it will not stand idle and be walked upon. As Christ himself overturned the tables of the money changers, he did not stand by and do nothing when greed was apparent. The Christ essence is free of ego and completely unbiased. Everyone has the Christ Soul. It is in all people, but it has to be discovered. When man has freed himself of all limitations and conditioning, then he will find the Christ Soul within himself.