Why Do We Criticize?

Margaret explains why we criticize other people and what’s really going on inside us.



So many of you on the earth plane today have a tendency to judge others. When one judges another, one judges oneself. It is the Self who judges. Why do you have to do this? Each one of you is a unique individual with your own lessons to learn. Everything is perfect in the universe and, if this is so, then all is happening as it should. When one makes judgment, one becomes judge and jury. Yet there is only one judge and that is the Supreme Being, God as many of you know this energy, the great Akashic where all debts are stored. If you judge another you become worse than the one you judge because you break a great Universal Law.

When one makes a judgment against another one is saying “You did this wrong,” and yet how do you know that they did this wrong? Are you God, the Supreme Being? At the same time, you hold yourself back spiritually so much by that judgment. Just because you think or feel it is wrong is not an excuse. Nobody has the right to judge another.

Each one of you on this earth plane at some time or other has judged another. Why do you do this? It is the Self that does this. The Higher Self would never do this because the Higher Self is connected to the Supreme Being, or God. It knows that all men have their own path and their own reasons for doing things.

There is a saying many of you say; “Judgment is mine, sayeth the Lord” and it is so true. Only the Supreme Being or God has that ability to judge and, when it has looked at the situation, it then marks the Akashic. Many times I have heard many of you say, “There but for the grace of God go I”. All of you at some time in your existence through your many incarnations have done exactly what you are doing now – you judge. Do not judge another, either for personal reasons or for business. By doing this you lay so much karma at your feet.


Spirituality Part 1

What is the true meaning of Spirituality? It is a word that is much misunderstood. I talk not of the dictionary meanings of the word, but the spiritual meaning. To be spiritual – or to have spirituality in one’s life – means that one is at peace. You are not just at peace in the physical form, but at peace in all the subtle bodies – physical, emotional mental, and spiritual.

When you are confronted with another who questions your actions or the way you do things, so many of you feel as if you have to justify yourselves. Either you spend hours putting your point of view across to the person concerned or write long letters explaining why you are right. Why do you do this? What do you achieve by doing this? Does this change the person’s mind? It does not, because the person has already made their mind up about you and has formed an opinion. Nothing you say or do will change that. Often that opinion is because of a past life experience in which  the person concerned sees you as you were (in another incarnation), not as you are now. They judge you because of the past. If they choose to do so, you cannot change this either. Your Higher Self will know though, and that is all that matters.

More Stuff – Final Chapter

The purpose of our incarnation is to deal with our own issues, life lessons, and karma. However, we spend most of our lives interfering in other people’s lives – dictating to them how they should do things and live their lives – and very little time on our own stuff. The Self loves running away from its own stuff. We also incarnated to gain control over the emotional body. Oh, the emotional body – the Oscar star, the player on the stage, the drama maker, or the recluse or frightened individual scared of its own emotion! Once one removes the emotional body, one can finally see what life is all about.

There are some people who have no emotions; they find it hard to cry, to release their emotion. These are not people who have removed the emotional body; they are ones who have not learned about it yet. They are actually behind the ones who have experienced it and have demonstrated it. As an Oscar winner of huge proportion in the past, I can honestly say that I actually prefer my life now (without the emotional body) to the person I used to be. However, when I am tired or out of sorts, I have been known to allow my emotional body to have control again, but thankfully only until I can get back to normal again.

From this moment on, be aware of what you are saying about another. Is it true, kind, or helpful? Start watching what you say to people and how you talk with others about people. Try not to get caught up in others’ reactions and judgment or criticism. Ask yourself whether they mirror something for you that your Self does not want to see! As you try to do this, watch how the Self will try and pull you back into situations. More than anything, do not justify yourself. All you need to know, as Maitreya writes in his teachings, is that you can stand in front of God today and know that you are not guilty. If you can do that, then you are truly raising your vibration. Have understanding and compassion for every soul. When you can do this, you are truly one with God!

Judgment and Criticism – Part 3

When you work with us, you are not to be ashamed to admit you have made mistakes. You are not to fear receiving comment which we need to say. What you must realize is that we are not trying to hurt or injure you in any way, but we are trying to help you. We do not ask you to be perfect but, just as with the FAX situation, sometimes opportunities are lost because you do not follow your orders.

We have been very fortunate to have had a channel who is eager to learn and who is ready to face her fear. Most of her fear was abject – in other words it was right in front of her but she had to face it. She could not run away despite her Self wanting to do so. More than anything, she did listen to us. Many times those around her did not want to listen, and conflict occurred. But the majority of the time our work was done on time.

It is not easy giving up your will. The Self loves to have control, and over the years we found ways to keep her Self occupied. It has now been 16 years since we began our work together. Thankfully, she no longer needs to be told when things are not right like she did before. However she knows it can still happen, but she admits she is not – and never will be – perfect, for life on the earth plane can never be so with the Self being there. However, once one conquers the Self and learns to control it and work with the Higher Self, life becomes a lot easier.

My channel still has a long way to go; we have not even begun our true work together. But if you plan on working with a Master teacher and feel it is your destiny to do so, then do know that there can only be one boss – if you can call it that – and it is not you!