Different Subects – Continued

So I am looking forward to the future. Fifty years ago hardly anyone knew about metaphysics. Now so many people are interested in it, and I see it being a major component of the change that is to come. It has the answers, and I know that those who attend the Master of Metaphysics course we run at our Center in Seattle leave thoroughly changed and transformed. They have received the answers to life itself on so many levels. It makes common sense, and yet we have been denied this knowledge for thousands of years.

Christianity, with its fear of God and its emphasis on “sin,” has taken away the true meaning of God, that of unconditional love. God does not judge – it is not able to. It is pure love and, when there is love and understanding, one cannot judge. We are all souls on a journey. As one person said, we are a soul on a journey in a physical body, and that body is only ours for this lifetime. When we die – and we all have to die – we become only a soul again. Every soul looks alike, not exactly of course, but you will not be able to label a soul. Through our incarnations, we have all been murderers, rapist, thieves, vagabonds, free (gay) and many other titles. we have also been happy, content, generous, kind, understanding and had good lives. We come here to the earth plane to learn from life itself. We cannot do that in the next world for there it is a perfect situation where no blame, guilt, fear or any other emotion exists. There is no Self to lie to us, only the Higher Self and God, omnipresent God with its everlasting love. How do I know this? I was embraced by that energy many years ago.


Christmas 2

I stopped celebrating the Christian Christmas many years ago, but I do celebrate the holiday and look upon Christmas as a time to remember Christmas of times past – a time of memory. It is even more poignant for me this year because, after 25 or more years, I have found my brother – or should I say – he found me on Facebook. Not only did he find me on Facebook, but he also discovered Skype. We lost contact with each other all those years ago and have just reunited, spending long hours on Skype talking to each other. He is in Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia, and I am in Seattle, Washington, USA. The last two weeks have been spent with both of us saying, “Remember when?” and laughing at times ‘till we cried! More than anything, my brother has discovered Skype and he is amazed at how he can communicate using it. I told him about being able to see my grandchildren open their presents in Australia on Christmas Day and it only being Christmas Eve here in the USA.

For me it is a happy Christmas because I’m able to communicate with my brother, but for Alan it is a sad time as his family has split apart into two factions, and it means that this Christmas the gathering will be missing members of his family. His marital break-up six years ago caused the rift and, unfortunately, sides were taken – which has turned quite ugly. I know this is not an isolated incident and many thousands (if not millions) of families around the world will be spending the holidays the same way. One can ask, “But why does this happen?” Well, it is happening because people have free will and choice, and because we – as humanity – have not yet learned to let go of emotional detachment. We also judge others instead of accepting their choices and we hold anger inside of us for those who have created the issues such as those mentioned.


Why Do We Criticize?

Margaret explains why we criticize other people and what’s really going on inside us.



There is much discussion in the world today about what is right and wrong with regard to sexuality. There is so much fear and guilt about having a desire for the same-sex person. Many consider this an abomination. Why do they do this? They do so because they do not understand the meaning of love, and they also are conditioned with thousands of years of belief that humanity should be male and female.

How do you know that what is written is true? Many quote the scriptures from many years ago, but how do you know that this is truth? You do not, yet because of the power of belief, fear is generated by being different. Many souls returning to the earth plane and preferring a partner of the same sex have often had that partner in a past life as the opposite sex. Many years ago, my channel met a woman who was a lovely soul. This woman came to love my channel, but because of her conditioning at that time, my channel ran away. How many of you have run away from a similar situation? Why do you run? You run because you fear. You fear because you do not understand your feelings, and because society says it is wrong. It is not wrong. Yes, a woman was designed for childbirth and the male for seeding, but the human body was also designed for pleasure, and how that pleasure is enjoyed is the responsibility of each individual soul, no soul should judge another because of their differences.

When you judge another, you become the judge and jury, yet how do you know that was not you in a past life or will be in a future life? For those who choose a partner of the same sex. Let go of your fear, let go of your loathing of yourself. Honor yourself in your uniqueness. Release the guilt. Enjoy your difference, for you are truly free. You have stepped outside the boundaries of conditioning. Once you free yourself, then you can truly be individual, for you truly know love and do not limit it to one sex. If you are one who prefers the opposite sex, then so be it. Enjoy that experience too, but do not condemn another for their choice. How do you know that your choice is right? You do not. Only conditioning makes it this way. The only truth is the now, all that has happened in the past is of the past – irrelevant. Let go of the persecution of yourself. Do not waste energy on debating or thinking what is right or wrong, for there is no such thing, only choice.



So many of you on the earth plane today have a tendency to judge others. When one judges another, one judges oneself. It is the Self who judges. Why do you have to do this? Each one of you is a unique individual with your own lessons to learn. Everything is perfect in the universe and, if this is so, then all is happening as it should. When one makes judgment, one becomes judge and jury. Yet there is only one judge and that is the Supreme Being, God as many of you know this energy, the great Akashic where all debts are stored. If you judge another you become worse than the one you judge because you break a great Universal Law.

When one makes a judgment against another one is saying “You did this wrong,” and yet how do you know that they did this wrong? Are you God, the Supreme Being? At the same time, you hold yourself back spiritually so much by that judgment. Just because you think or feel it is wrong is not an excuse. Nobody has the right to judge another.

Each one of you on this earth plane at some time or other has judged another. Why do you do this? It is the Self that does this. The Higher Self would never do this because the Higher Self is connected to the Supreme Being, or God. It knows that all men have their own path and their own reasons for doing things.

There is a saying many of you say; “Judgment is mine, sayeth the Lord” and it is so true. Only the Supreme Being or God has that ability to judge and, when it has looked at the situation, it then marks the Akashic. Many times I have heard many of you say, “There but for the grace of God go I”. All of you at some time in your existence through your many incarnations have done exactly what you are doing now – you judge. Do not judge another, either for personal reasons or for business. By doing this you lay so much karma at your feet.